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Suriname e-Visa for Citizens of Canada

iVisa | Updated on Sep 23, 2022

The Suriname e-Visa Landing Authorization, also called a visa, is now available to citizens of more than 100 countries electronically. Citizens of Canada can easily and safely apply for a visa online and have a digital copy of their visa in less than 3 days. You'll get your legal electronic visa in days instead of the weeks it used to take. The file is sent directly to your email. It functions exactly like a paper visa, and it can be used on your smart device at the point of entry, providing a paperless option.


The Suriname e-Visa will allow you past immigration in the country once you show it to authorities upon your arrival in Suriname. The e-Visa can be presented to officials on any smart device, eliminating the need for a paper visa.

Suriname e-Visa FAQs | Citizens of Canada

What Is The Cost Of An E-Visa?

Below is the total cost of an e-Visa, which varies due to processing speeds available to you:

  • Standard Processing - USD $131.99
  • Rush Processing - USD $188.99
  • Super Rush Processing - USD $217.99

Do I Need Additional Documents When I Get To Suriname?

When you arrive in Suriname, you must be able to prove you have a return ticket for leaving the country, and that you have planned reservations for a hotel (or other proof of host/lodging) for the time you will be staying in Suriname, as well as enough funds to finance your stay. You may have to purchase an additional "Tourist Card" for a moderate fee ($35 US), depending on Suriname's specific policy with Canada.

How Quickly Can I Be Approved To Travel?

Depending on how quickly you need to acquire your e-Visa for Suriname, you can choose from three processing options:

  • Standard Processing - Your visa application will be processed within 7 Business Days.
  • Rush Processing - Your visa application will be processed within 5 Business Days.
  • Super Rush Processing - Your visa application will be processed within 3 Business Days.

Can I Use My E-Visa As Much As I Want Before It Expires?

Each e-Visa has a limit on how many times you can use it to re-enter the country. It's important to consider this when making plans.

For the Suriname e-Visa, you will have Multiple Entry.

What If I Lose Or Damage My Smart Device While Abroad?

If your e-Visa file is no longer in your email inbox or if you are not able to access a copy of it, your iVisa account will always keep a copy at all times. It is a good idea to make a spare paper copy that can be used at points of entry in case you cannot access the e-Visa.

Is My Personal Information Secure With iVisa?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization was introduced in the US in 2008, but due to sluggish legislation internationally and, more importantly, the increased risk of identity theft that filing for travel visas online poses, the e-Visa industry has had a slow start. At iVisa, we make your privacy the cornerstone of our company's mission. Our reputation as a safe and reliable source of travel documents begins with our strict compliance with a rigid system of checks and balances to protect the personal privacy as well as credit card information of our customers.

The Suriname e-Visa Application | Citizens of Canada

Suriname has one of the largest protected areas of rainforest in the world, The Central Suriname Nature Reserve. The rainforest covers the southern four fifth of the country; about nine tenths is covered with heterogeneous forest that contains more than 1000 species of trees. Amazing beaches are home to endangered leatherback sea turtles. The eggs have been poached to devastating degrees for food and folk medicine, and these giants only lay eggs on the exact beach that they themselves hatched. East of Paramaribo where the Maroni River meets the Atlantic Ocean is the small village of Galibi. Each year from February through August, Leatherbacks arrive to lay their eggs in the moonlight in the sand of Galibi beach.

Filling an online e-Visa application is your first step to a South American adventure of eco-tourism or wildlife watching.

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