Switzerland Schengen visa for Iraqi citizens: everything you need to know
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Are you an Iraqi citizen looking to visit Switzerland? In this comprehensive guide, we explain the Swiss Schengen Visa application process to explore the enchanting landscapes and immerse in the rich culture of Switzerland.

Getting the Swiss Schengen Visa is the first step in turning your Swiss trip into reality. This visa grants you access to Switzerland and allows seamless travel within the Schengen Area, comprising 27 European countries.

Learn more about the process to apply for the Switzerland Schengen Visa in this article, and apply instantly on our online platform or via our user-friendly iVisa app!

Do Iraqi citizens need a Switzerland Schengen Visa?

First things first. Yes, Iraqi passport holders must apply for a Schengen Visa before they go, regardless of the purpose of the visit, such as tourism, business, family visit, or other reasons.

This requirement also applies to children from Iraq, and both parents must sign the application form you’ll receive during the process on their behalf.

It’s important to note that the Swiss Schengen Visa does not authorize work or residence in Switzerland. For more details about work visas or residency permits, it is advisable to refer to the Swiss government's official guidelines and requirements on their website.

What is the Switzerland Schengen Visa?

The Switzerland Schengen Visa offers a sought-after opportunity for travelers from Iraq who desire to discover the wonders of Switzerland and the entire Schengen Area, whether for business ventures or leisurely exploration.

With a Schengen business or tourist visa, you gain access to all 27 Schengen states, including popular destinations like France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and many others. This visa offers a lot of freedom, enabling seamless travel across these countries without needing individual visas for each nation visited on the same journey.

It is important to remember that Switzerland should be the initial country you enter the Schengen Zone, or where you plan to spend most of your time during your visit to the region.

How long is the Switzerland Schengen Visa valid for Iraqi citizens?

As an Iraqi citizen, you can visit Switzerland and the Schengen Area for a maximum duration of stay of 90 days Per Entry within a 180-day timeframe. This grants you the freedom to traverse between any Schengen country to your heart's content, as long as the total cumulative stay does not surpass 90 days.

It is worth noting that while we offer the possibility of applying for a Multiple Entry visa, the final decision on whether you receive a multiple-entry, double-entry, or single-entry visa rests with the Swiss authorities. Factors such as your supporting documents, travel history, and other relevant considerations contribute to their decision-making process.

Typically, a Multiple Entry visa allows for several entries into the Schengen Area, and the validity period can range from 180 days to 5 years after issued. However, regardless of the type of visa granted, the maximum duration of each stay per entry remains fixed at 90 days.

Is it possible to extend the Switzerland Schengen Visa?

Typically, Schengen Visas, be it for tourism, business, or transit purposes, cannot be extended. However, extensions may be considered individually in extraordinary situations, such as unforeseen emergencies.

If you need additional time beyond the duration stipulated by your visa in Switzerland or the Schengen Area, you must return to Iraq and apply for a new Schengen Visa.

Switzerland Schengen Visa costs and processing time for Iraqi citizens

The visa fees for Iraqi citizens applying for the Switzerland Visa are categorized into two parts:

  • iVisa processing: For a fee of USD $224.99, excluding the government fee, the iVisa processing period can take up to 30 days.

This processing fee provides several benefits, including comprehensive support from our experts, a step-by-step handbook to assist you with the application form, and valuable tips to prepare for your interview.

  • Government processing: The Swiss government requires approximately 45 days or more to process your application. Applying for a Schengen Visa at least two months before your intended departure date is advisable.

The government visa fee is approximately USD $0.00, which must be paid during your Schengen Visa appointment. Children between 6 and 12 can apply for a discounted fee, while children under 6 are exempt from paying the government fee.

There are certain cases where no government fee is required. These include:

  • If you are a child or spouse of a UE, EFTA, or Swiss national.

  • If you are a CERN or UN worker traveling for official purposes.

  • If you are a student planning to study in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 days.

When planning your visa application, it is essential to consider the processing times and ensure payment for the iVisa standard processing fee and the government fee accordingly.

Switzerland Visa requirements and documents for Iraqi citizens

You only need your passport and a photo to apply for your Switzerland Schengen Visa with us. However, before your interview appointment, it's important to gather the following required documents:

Valid passport: Ensure it remains valid for at least six months beyond your planned arrival date, with two blank pages.

Travel itinerary: Provide evidence of a return flight ticket to and from Iraq and confirmed hotel bookings and planned tours within the Schengen territory to support your travel purpose.

Sufficient funds: Demonstrate your ability to cover all travel expenses by submitting bank statements or other documents that indicate your income and financial stability.

Travel medical insurance: Verify that your travel insurance policy covers emergency medical expenses and repatriation of up to €30,000 throughout the Schengen area.

Two passport-size photographs: If you don't have them, take advantage of our convenient and cost-effective digital photo service.

Visa application form: Complete, print, and sign the official application form provided during the online application process on our platform.

Additional documentation: If requested, provide documents that validate your professional and social status. Once approved, your visa granting entry to Switzerland will be affixed to your passport.

Swiss Schengen Visa: Passport requirements for Iraqi citizens

When applying for a Swiss Schengen Visa, meeting the requirements regarding your passport is crucial. Here are the key considerations:

  • Validity: Ensure that your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your intended departure date from Switzerland.

  • Blank pages: Your passport should have at least two blank pages available. These pages will be used for entry and exit stamps and affixing the visa when traveling within the Schengen Zone.

  • Proof of residency: If you currently reside in a country different from your country of origin, you may be required to submit proof of residency along with your passport. This document confirms your legal residence status and may be requested in addition to your passport.

Swiss Schengen Visa: Photo requirements for Iraqi citizens

For Switzerland Schengen Visa applications, the following criteria must be met for passport photos:

  • Size: Typically passport-sized, measuring 35x45mm.

  • Recent: Taken within the past six months, accurately reflecting your current appearance.

  • Clarity: Clear and high-resolution, with sharp focus and no visible defects or damage.

  • Background: Plain and light-colored, preferably white, without shadows on your face or the background.

  • Facial expression: Neutral expression, closed mouth, open and visible eyes. Your face should directly face the camera, with a natural head position and both ears visible.

  • Headwear: Religious or cultural headwear is allowed if it does not obstruct your facial features. Avoid wearing sunglasses or tinted glasses that cover your eyes.

To obtain government-compliant photos for your visa application, consider our digital photo service, which offers affordable options.

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How to apply for the Switzerland Schengen Visa from Iraq

For a smooth and efficient visa application process to Switzerland, follow these concise steps:

Step 1: Provide your accurate personal and travel details through our user-friendly online platform or our handy iVisa app.

Step 2: Make a secure payment for our iVisa service fee using a debit/credit card or PayPal. The government fee will be paid directly during your appointment at the Swiss Consulate, Embassy, or Visa Application Center (VAC).

Step 3: Complete the remaining sections of our simplified application form and upload a scan of your Iraqi passport and a passport-sized photo. Once all required information is provided, submit your application for review.

Upon submission, you will receive a step-by-step guide explaining how to complete the application form and outlining the essential documents to bring for your mandatory visa interview.

Furthermore, we will assist you in scheduling the appointment and provide valuable tips to help you prepare for the interview.

Benefits of getting your Switzerland Schengen Visa with us

You’ll get the following benefits when applying through us:

  • Government-compliant: Our team of iVisa agents will review your information and ensure it’s correct and complete.

  • Unlimited access to our iVisa Experts: Our team will guide you through the application process and is available whenever you have questions.

  • Simplified application form: Fill out a clear and short application form that’s easier to understand than the government form.

  • Fill out at your own pace: Complete the application form at your own pace, make changes whenever you want, and save your progress whenever you need a break.

  • Step-by-step guide: Receive instructions with all the tips to answer complex questions, a document checklist, and a preparation guide for your interview.

COVID-19 entry requirements and restrictions in Switzerland

Iraqi citizens entering Switzerland and the Schengen Zone are not currently required to provide COVID-19 tests, vaccination certificates, or undergo quarantine.

Nevertheless, please note that these regulations can change rapidly. Verifying all entry requirements with your airline is advisable shortly before your departure.

My Switzerland Schengen Visa in Iraq was denied. What should I do?

In the event of a rejected Switzerland Schengen Visa application in Iraq, you have several options to consider:

1. Comprehend the reasons for denial: Take the time to thoroughly understand the specific grounds cited in the rejection. This knowledge will help you determine your next steps more effectively.

2. Reapply with improvements: Depending on the reasons for denial, you may choose to reapply for the Switzerland Schengen Visa. Addressing the concerns outlined in the denial letter and strengthening your application with additional supporting documents or clarifications is essential.

3. Seek professional assistance: If you believe your visa was unfairly denied or require further support, consulting with our experienced visa experts can provide valuable guidance. They can assess your situation, advise, and assist you throughout the reapplication process.

By comprehending the reasons for the denial and seeking appropriate assistance, you can navigate the situation more effectively and increase your chances of a successful Switzerland Schengen Visa application.

How to prepare for the Switzerland Schengen Visa interview in Iraq

To prepare for the Switzerland Schengen Visa interview in Iraq, follow these essential tips:

  • Gather adequate supporting documents: Prepare all the required supporting documents mentioned in the visa application guidelines. These may include your passport, travel itinerary, financial statements, accommodation reservations, travel insurance, employment or education-related documents, and any additional documents relevant to your trip.

  • Practice the interview: Prepare for potential interview questions. Anticipate questions related to your travel plans, purpose of visit, financial stability, ties to Iraq, and any other relevant aspects. Practice your answers to ensure clarity and confidence during the interview.

  • Dress professionally: Present yourself professionally and respectfully for the interview.

  • Arrive early: Plan to arrive at the interview location well before your appointment. This will allow you to go through any security procedures and have a calm and composed mindset before the interview.

  • Be honest and confident: Answer questions truthfully and confidently during the interview. Maintain a polite and respectful demeanor while providing concise and relevant information.

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