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Turkey eVisa for Iraq citizens: Requirements & fees
iVisa | 10 min read | Updated on Jan 22, 2024

If you are an Iraqi citizen planning to visit Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes, applying for a valid Turkey eVisa is a crucial step in your travel preparations. Turkey offers an efficient and convenient online eVisa system that simplifies visa applications for eligible nationalities, including Iraq.

This complete guide provides an overview of the requirements and fees associated with applying online for the Turkey eVisa, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free trip! Let's get started.

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What is the Turkey eVisa, and why do Iraqi citizens need it?

A Turkey eVisa is an electronic travel permit that allows travelers from Iraq to enter Turkey for tourism, business, or transit purposes. It is an alternative to obtaining a traditional visa from a Turkish embassy or consulate.

The eVisa system simplifies the application process, as it can be completed 100% online! By applying for a Turkey eVisa, ordinary passport holders from Iraq can gain permission to visit Turkey for a specific duration, as determined by the Turkish authorities at the time of application.

Children and minors from Iraq must have this visa to visit Turkey. If you've included them in your visa application, it'll be noted in the system, allowing you to breeze through immigration together with ease. You can easily apply together by clicking ‘Add another person’ during our online process or through the iVisa app.

In the next sections, we will explore the eligibility criteria, required documents, and steps to apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa online.

If you need a Turkish residence permit or work or study visa, learn more about the application process on the Turkish government website.

Eligibility criteria for a Turkey eVisa for Iraqi citizens

Iraqi citizens must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this visa:

  • Valid passport: Applicants must possess an Iraqi passport, valid for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date in Turkey.

  • Duration of stay: You do not intend to stay longer than 30 days within a 180-day period. If your travel plans exceed this timeframe, explore other visa options.

  • Purpose of visit: You want to travel to Turkey for tourist or business purposes.

The eVisa allows Iraqi citizens to enter and exit Turkey through any designated entry point.

If the Turkish eVisa isn't an option for you, don't worry! Take a look at our expert guide on how to apply for a Turkey Embassy Visa – it's packed with helpful tips by a seasoned traveler to simplify the process and ace the interview.

Do I need a Turkey eVisa as an Iraqi citizen transiting through Turkey?

Yes, as an Iraqi citizen transiting through Turkey, you will still need a Turkey eVisa. The Turkish government mandates the possession of a valid eVisa for entry, even if you are not leaving the transit area at the airport.

How to apply for a Turkey eVisa from Iraq in 15 minutes

For a smooth Turkey eVisa application process, fill out your details on our website or download our easy-to-use iVisa app! Follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Provide your basic personal details, including your name, passport details, and travel dates. Then, select the processing time that suits your travel plans (further details below).

Step 2: Double-check your provided information and pay the Turkey eVisa fees using a valid credit or debit card.

Step 3: Upload the required supporting documents, complete the rest of the application form, and submit your application. Once submitted, we will review it.

Your approved eVisa is electronically linked to your passport, and during immigration checks a quick scan of your passport will confirm your visa status. However, we recommend keeping a downloaded copy on your mobile device as a backup, just to smooth out any unexpected bumps in the process.

Required documents to apply for the Turkey eVisa for Iraqi citizens

When applying for a Turkey eVisa online as an Iraqi passport holder, you are required to have the following visa requirements:

  • Copy of your valid passport: Your Iraqi passport must be valid for at least six months from the intended arrival date in Turkey. It should also have at least one blank page.

  • Personal info: Fill out the necessary information about yourself and your travel plans, including your full name, date of birth, and passport details. Make sure to avoid any errors and provide complete information.

  • Payment method to pay the visa fees: The iVisa processing fee can be conveniently paid using a debit or credit card or alternative accepted payment methods.

  • Contact information: Provide your email address during the application process to get important updates and notifications about the status of your application.

Have digital copies of all required documents (like your passport and flight confirmation) ready before you start the application. This saves you time and simplifies the process.

iVisa tip: Carry backup documentation like an extra ID or driver’s license, return flight tickets, and proof of accommodation, as immigration officers might request to see these upon arrival, even if you already have an approved Turkey eVisa.

How to track the status of a Turkey eVisa application for Iraqi citizens

There are two ways to check the status of your Turkey eVisa application:

  • Official Turkish government website: Visit the official website of the Turkish government and enter the required details to see the status of your application. If it is still in the processing phase, you can come back to the website later to check for updates.

  • Apply with us and wait for our email updates: If you submitted your eVisa application through our platform or app, you will receive updates via email every step of the process.

You can also log into your iVisa account online, which was created when you initially applied through our platform, to check the status of your application at any time you like.

To ensure you receive important notifications, remember to check your SPAM folder, as emails occasionally end up there. To make sure that you receive our email updates, add iVisa to your approved list of email senders.

Processing time for a Turkey eVisa application for citizens of Iraq

After successfully submitting the online visa application form as an Iraqi citizen, you can choose from three processing options:

Standard processing: Your Turkey eVisa will be processed and ready within 24 hours, providing a reliable and timely solution for your travel plans.

Rush processing: Opt for this option to receive your eVisa within 4 hours. This expedited processing ensures a quick turnaround for your short-term travel arrangements.

Super Rush processing: Experience an impressive turnaround time of just 30 minutes with the Super Rush processing option. This accommodates urgent travel needs.

By selecting the processing option that aligns with your desired timeline, you can enjoy a seamless visa application experience and focus on your upcoming journey to Turkey.

Turkey eVisa fees for citizens of Iraq

The cost of applying for a Turkish eVisa for Iraqi citizens varies based on the processing time you have selected:

  • Standard processing: This option costs USD $180.49, excluding government visa fees.

  • Rush processing: This option costs USD $283.49, excluding government visa fees.

  • Super Rush processing: This option costs USD $387.49, excluding government visa fees.

Good news for Iraqi citizens! There is no government visa fee. This means you’ll only pay for the iVisa processing fee, which includes a review of your application for your peace of mind. However, this info can change over time, so always double-check before submitting your application.

Validity of a Turkey eVisa for Iraqi citizens

For Iraqi citizens, a Turkey eVisa is valid for a period of 180 days after issued. Within this timeframe, you can stay in Turkey for 90 days in Total. It's important to understand that the 30-day limit applies to the cumulative total of days within the 180-day period.

It's also worth noting that the Turkey eVisa is a Multiple Entry visa for Iraq nationals, meaning you can enter Turkey only once during its validity and stay for a maximum of 90 days in Total. Currently, a multiple-entry visa option is not available for travelers from Iraq.

Please keep in mind that the specific validity of your visa is subject to the discretion of the Turkish authorities.

Can a Turkey eVisa be extended?

No, extending a Turkey eVisa is not allowed. If you want to revisit Turkey, [pply for a new eVisa on our platform.

If you need to stay longer in Turkey, apply for an alternative entry visa, such as a residence permit, or work or study visa from Iraq.

Consequences of overstaying a Turkey eVisa for Iraqi citizens

It is important to abide by the authorized validity of your Turkey eVisa to avoid repercussions. Overstaying your eVisa can have significant consequences that should be taken seriously.

Not complying with the permitted duration of stay may result in various penalties, including high fines and even deportation, as determined by Turkish immigration authorities. These consequences can not only disrupt your travel plans but also have severe legal and financial implications.

Furthermore, overstaying can lead to entry bans, limiting your ability to visit Turkey for a specific period. It can also create difficulties for future travel plans, as immigration records are often shared with other countries.

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What to do when my Turkey eVisa application is denied?

If your Turkey eVisa application was not approved, carefully understand the specific reason why your application was denied. Sometimes, you can still address the issue that led to the denial and reapply for the eVisa. Always address all concerns raised by the Turkish authorities.

Our iVisa Experts are also available to answer any questions you may have!

Common mistakes to avoid when applying for a Turkey eVisa from Iraq

It is crucial to avoid common mistakes to ensure a stress-free application process. Here are some common mistakes to keep in mind:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate information: When applying through us, we will assist in double-checking that your passport details match your supporting documents and ensure that your application is complete.

  • Expired passport and documents: Always ensure your passport remains valid for at least six months from your intended arrival date in Turkey.

Not applying in time: Waiting until the last minute leaves little time to address any potential issues or complications that may arise during the application process. Apply at least a few weeks in advance.

By avoiding these common mistakes, Iraqi citizens can enhance the likelihood of a smooth and successful Turkey eVisa application.

Travel restrictions and entry requirements for Turkey for Iraqi citizens

COVID-19 vaccinations and PCR or antigen tests are not currently necessary to enter Turkey from Iraq. However, always check the latest guidelines and requirements regarding vaccinations and other health protocols before you go.

The official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs should give the most up-to-date info available.

Types of Turkey Visas for citizens from Iraq

There are several types of visas available for Iraqis who wish to visit Turkey. The type of visa you need depends on the purpose and duration of your stay:

  • Turkey eVisa: This visa is for Iraqi citizens who wish to visit Turkey for tourism or business activities. It allows for a stay of up to 30 days within a 180-day period.

  • Residence permits, Work Visas, and Study Visas: These are typically issued as a sticker visa directly in your passport. The application process for these visas is conducted in person at the Turkish Embassy.

How to prepare for a trip to Turkey from Iraq

To ensure a smooth trip to Turkey, consider these key points:

  1. Ensure your Iraq passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned arrival date and that you have a valid visa.

  2. Book flights and accommodations in advance for better options and deals.

  3. Check recommended vaccinations and get travel insurance that covers medical expenses and other emergencies.

  4. Keep your travel documents, including your passport and visa, easily accessible upon arrival.

By preparing well and staying informed about requirements and documents, you can enjoy a hassle-free trip to Turkey!

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If you need more info about the Turkey eVisa application process from Iraq, contact our customer service team via online chat or email them at [email protected]. They are ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

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Have a great trip to Turkey!

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