United Kingdom Passport Renewal: Everything you must to know
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Thinking of renewing your United Kingdom passport but also juggling the intricacies of dual citizenship? Don't sweat it!

At iVisa, we've mastered simplifying complex travel documentation, including the nuanced realm of dual citizenship and UK passport renewal. Our state-of-the-art platform is designed to simplify your life so you can focus on plotting your next global escapade.

Navigate the ins and outs of maintaining dual citizenship while keeping your British travel credentials up to date—all under one roof. With iVisa's real-time guidance and unwavering support, stepping into your dual identity has never been more effortless. Get ready to unlock limitless opportunities with your renewed UK passport!

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What are the requirements for a UK passport renewal application?

Renewing your United Kingdom passport is essential for keeping your travel dreams alive. At iVisa, we make this process as straightforward as possible so you can get back to what really matters—planning your next adventure! Below are the requirements for renewing British passports.

General requirements

Your current passport must be undamaged and original. The expiry date should not be more than ten years old if it has expired.

  • Two passport photos: The photos must adhere to the UK government's specific requirements, such as the dimensions (35mm wide and 45mm high), background color, and facial expression.

  • Proof of identification: Other forms of identification may be required if significant changes to your appearance exist.

  • Payment: Be prepared to pay the renewal fee, which can vary depending on your age and the type of service you choose (standard, fast-track, or premium).

  • Address for delivery: Provide a secure and correct address where your new passport will be delivered.

Additional documents for minors

If the renewal is for a child under 16, additional documentation is required:

  • Parental consent: Both parents or guardians must give consent.

  • Birth certificate: Original or an authorized copy.

  • Previous passport: If applicable.

Special section for dual citizens

For those with dual citizenship, the UK passport renewal process involves additional layers of scrutiny, but nothing too overwhelming. Here's what you need to know:

  • Declaration of dual nationality: You'll need to submit a formal declaration that you are a dual citizen.

  • Both passports: Keep your second passport at hand. Some scenarios may require you to show both passports, especially if your name differs between the two.

  • Proof of residency: If you're not residing in the UK, proof of your residence in another country may be required.

  • Additional verification: Be prepared for possible additional verification for security reasons, mainly if your second nationality is from a country with complex diplomatic relations with the UK.

Can I apply for a UK passport renewal online?

Absolutely, you can! Gone are the days of standing in long queues and shuffling through stacks of paper. With our passport application service, renewing your UK passport online becomes a breeze. Our platform is designed to streamline the entire process, providing a convenient, secure, and efficient way to get your new passport.

Using our service, you can easily upload all your required documents, track the status of your passport applications in real time, and even get expert assistance whenever needed. This is especially beneficial for dual citizens with specific requirements and additional documents to consider.

So why wait in lines when you can renew your British passport at the click of a button? At iVisa, we bring the passport office to you, making the renewal process as straightforward as possible. Choose us for your UK passport renewal and focus on what's really important—your next journey.

Who is the UK passport renewal service for?

iVisa's UK passport renewal service is engineered to serve a specific audience who can fully exploit our ease and speed. While we don't cater to minors, first-time applicants, or expatriates, our services are particularly tailored for:

  1. UK citizens: Specifically for those residing in the United Kingdom, our platform is a hassle-free solution to keep your travel documents up to date.

  2. Dual citizens: Juggling two passports? We make it easy to renew your UK passport, guiding you through any additional steps and paperwork required for dual citizenship.

  3. Frequent travelers: Those whose passports are nearly full or are approaching expiration can benefit from our streamlined process, ensuring you’re ready for your next adventure.

What do I need to start my UK passport renewal process?

Getting started with your UK passport renewal through iVisa is as simple as can be. Before you begin the renewal process, you'll want to gather a few essential items:

  1. Your current UK passport or old passport: This should be the original and undamaged document. The expiry date should also be within the last ten years.

  2. Two passport photos: Ensure these photos meet the UK government's stringent requirements, such as dimensions (35mm wide by 45mm high), background color, and facial expression.

  3. Payment information: Be ready to pay the renewal fee, which varies depending on the type of service you choose (standard, fast-track, etc.). Most credit/debit cards are accepted.

  4. A secure delivery address: Your renewed passport will be sent to this address, so ensure it is accurate and secure.

If you're a dual citizen, you'll also need to have:

  • Declaration of dual nationality: This formal statement confirms that you hold citizenship in the UK and another country.

  • Both passports: In certain situations, you may be required to present both of your passports, mainly if the names differ between the two.

  • Proof of residency: If you don't reside in the UK, you may need to provide proof of your residence in your second country of citizenship.

Once you've gathered all these items, you can start renewal with our passport service.

What are the steps to get the UK passport renewal?

  • Step 1: Complete the online form with personal details and attach a passport photo. Continue by paying the UK government fee and our service.

What we do for you:

  • Complete and review your passport renewal form.

  • Review and ensure your digital passport photo is compliant.

  • Create a digital shipping label for the envelope with postage.

  • Email updates throughout the process.

  • Step 2: Receive a kit with the required documents. Sign the documentation and take the whole package with your passport to a Royal Mail office.

  • Step 3: Track the procedure with the details we will share. The UK government takes 11 weeks to process and mail your new passport via courier service.

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What are the UK passport renewal processing times and fees?

When renewing your UK passport, timing and costs are often top concerns. At iVisa, we make this information transparent and easy to understand:

Typically, it takes between 6 to 11 weeks for you to receive your renewed passport.

The total cost is made up of two parts:

  1. UK passport renewal government fee: US$101.45.

  2. Our service fee: US$55.34.

Total cost: US$156.79.

If you’re wondering how much this will be in British pounds, use our currency converter below:

Our service fee ensures that you're provided with exceptional support throughout your renewal journey.

How to renew a child's UK passport

Unfortunately, we do not offer services for renewing a child's UK passport. However, if you're looking to renew a child's passport through the official UK government process, here's how you can do it:

  1. Get the right form: The typical paper application form used for child renewals is the C2 form. This can be obtained from the Passport Office, a passport agency, or downloaded from the UK government's official website.

  2. Collect required supporting documents: You'll need the child's current passport, two passport-sized photos that adhere to UK guidelines, and any other identification or consent forms that may be necessary.

  3. Parental consent: Both parents or all guardians usually must consent for the child's passport renewal. This is typically done by signing the application form.

  4. Payment: Be prepared to pay the renewal fee, which is generally lower for children than adults.

  5. Submit the application: The renewal application can be submitted by mail or in person at your nearest Passport Office or authorized service center.

  6. Interview Sometimes, an interview might be required, particularly for children nearing 16.

  7. Receive the passport: Once the application has been approved, the new passport will be mailed to you. The typical processing time ranges from 3 to 6 weeks.

Children under 16 will receive a passport valid for five years, while those aged 16 and over will get a standard adult passport valid for ten years.

Need more information?

If you need more info about UK passport renewals, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team anytime via online chat or email at [email protected].

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