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United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa for Citizens of Serbia

United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa for Citizens of Serbia
iVisa | Updated on Jan 16, 2023

The United Kingdom is a country with some of the richest, most robust history in the world. This is a country that has had worldwide influence for hundreds of years and has kept its historical roots alive by engraining them into everyday life. The UK is also home to some of the most romanticized cities in the world like London, Birmingham, Sussex, and more!

If you are a citizen of Serbia who is looking to travel to the United Kingdom, your first task will be to apply for a visa. The bulk of travel purposes are covered under the standard visitor visa that is offered by the United Kingdom government. When you are applying for your visa, you will want to make sure that you have all of the necessary documents handy, including your passport. The document requirements will vary depending on reasons for applying for a visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the max stay allowed with this visa?

Currently, the United Kingdom allows a max stay of 180 days in Total for the standard visitor visa.

When Will My Standard Visitor Visa Expire?

Your visa will expire in 180 days after issued.

What Processing Speeds Options Are Available to Me?

You are able to choose from three processing speeds for your standard visitor visa application:

  • Standard: 30 days
  • Rush: 30 days
  • Super Rush: 30 days

What are the fees and prices associated with this visa?

Pricing options for the visa application are based on the processing speeds they correspond to:

  • Standard: USD $329.99
  • Rush: USD $330.99
  • Super Rush: USD $334.99

Is Multiple Entry Allowed with the United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa?

The current policy enforced by the UK allows Multiple Entry for the standard visitor visa.

Do I need to submit sponsor documents?

If you are visiting a close friend, family members, or business associates who are providing you with accommodation and financial support, you will need to obtain sponsor documents for your visa application. You will need: proof of accommodation and sponsor bank balance.

What is the earliest I can submit my application for the standard visitor visa for the United Kingdom?

You are permitted to apply 3 months before your travel date to the United Kingdom. The earlier you submit your application, the easier the application process will be because it leaves more time for your application to be processed. This saves you money and you will be able to schedule your biometrics appointment early to get it out of the way. Additionally, whenever you apply with us, the application process is even easier because you do not have to deal with the embassy; we handle all of the communication with the embassy until your visa is processed. Our mission is to help you through the application process as much as we possibly can.

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