What To Do At Glastonbury Festival?
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A major event in England, the Glastonbury festival witnesses a group of the world's best performers descend on Somerset for five days of amazing live music, circus, theatre, comedy, and cabaret. What was once known as the “Glastonbury Fair” (over 40 years ago) is now known as one of the biggest events in Europe due to its massive scenarios and numerous artists. Not to mention this big festival attracts thousands of visitors each year.

If you are a fan of live music and art at its best, then this event is for you. It lasts approximately 5 days, so the price is worth it. However, if you are wondering what to do at Glastonbury Festival, then keep in mind that the list is long, and we can give you just a few ideas in this article.

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Learn more about one of the biggest festivals in Europe below!

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What you need to know about Glastonbury Festival

What is Glastonbury Festival?

The Glastonbury festival is a 5-day maxi-event held in Pilton, Somerset, England. During the 5 days of the festival, thousands of people enjoy live music with the most popular artists of the moment, as well as countless shops and businesses that offer various foods and souvenirs. This festival is recognized not only for its musical performances but also for dances, cabaret performances, circuses, puppets, among others.

If you’re asking yourself what to do at Glastonbury Festival, then keep in mind that many things! including dancing all day long. Learn more about it below.

When is Glastonbury Festival?

This enormous festival started in 1970 and was held consecutively until 1981, with some "fallow years", which were taken mostly at five-year gaps. The next Glastonbury Festival will be held from June 22nd to June 26th (2022).

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What do to at Glastonbury Festival?

There are many things to do at Glastonbury Festival, so be sure to plan carefully to do those you enjoy most. For example, you can find many secret gigs, including big presentations from famous bands (some of them decide not to announce it to make it a “surprise”). You can also be part of an enormous human peace sign or go to the Ultimate Power Party if you prefer dancing all night long. Just remember, plan carefully by checking the official website and getting your travel documentation on time.

Traveling to Glastonbury Festival

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below to learn more about the Passenger Locator Form and other things like what to do at Glastonbury Festival to enjoy it to the fullest.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions to visit the UK as of today?

These restrictions are always changing depending on numerous circumstances, so we prefer to recommend you to visit our Passenger Locator Form product page to get the most updated information about this topic.

What is a Passenger Locator Form?

The UK Passenger Locator Form was created to better control international arrivals and decrease travel risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. ALL visitors, including visa-free, must apply for this locator form before going to the UK.

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Check the information about what to do at Glastonbury Festival below.

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Learn more about what to do at Glastonbury Festival below.

Where can I get more information about the Glastonbury Festival?

If you still have doubts and want to know what to do at Glastonbury Festival (especially with travel documents), please refer to our customer support agents, who are available 24/7.

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