A1 Visa for Officials and Government Employees

A1 Visa for Officials and Government Employees

iVisa | Updated on Mar 04, 2022

What is the A1 Visa?

An A1 Visa is available for you in case you travel to the United States on behalf of your national government. The A1 visa only allows you to engage in official activities during your time in the US. The activities in the US must be governmental in character or nature. The US Department of State determines these activities according to US immigration laws.

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Who can apply for the A1 Visa?

The A1 Visa is available for the following people:

  • Head of State or Government. Only in this case, the purpose of travel doesn’t matter.
  • Official who will work at a foreign embassy or consulate. It could be an ambassador or consul.
  • Government minister entering the US for official activities.
  • European Union and African Union representatives.
  • Immediate family members of A1 visa holders.

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All about the A1 Visa for Officials and Government Employees

How much does it cost to apply for the A1 Visa?

Any visa under the A category is exempt from any payment. Still, you could have some expenses for the procedure.

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How long does it take to process my A1 Visa?

US immigration services don’t provide an exact processing timing for any visa process as it depends on your specific case. For the A1 Visa, you don’t need an interview, which means the process could take less time than the usual visas.

Can I apply for the A1 Visa online?

Yes, at least the first part. You will need to complete Form DS-160 and print the confirmation page. After that, you need to send this page and supporting documents to the US embassy or consulate for review.

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How do I submit my A1 Visa?

  • Fill out Form DS-160 and include a photo during the application.
  • Print the confirmation page and gather your supporting documents.
  • Send the whole package to the US embassy or consulate and wait for a response.

Remember that consular officers could request an interview as part of the process. However, it’s very uncommon. Make sure you send all your details to the US embassy or consulate so you don’t have any issues along the way.

Required documents

  • Passport. The validity of your passport must be at least 6 months after your stay in the United States.
  • Form DS-160. Print the confirmation page.
  • Photo. Review the photo requirements and attach your photo to your application.
  • Diplomatic note. This official document confirms your status within your country’s government and the official purpose of your trip. It must include your name, date of birth, position, title, specific activities, dates of your trip, and length of stay. In case you travel with your family members, their names should also appear in this document.

Tips for filling out the A1 Visa forms

  • Use black ink. We recommend completing all forms through the online platform and printing them once you finish. If you prefer, you can also fill the form with black ink.
  • Make sure all your details look the same as in your official documentation.
  • Translate any supporting documents to English. Any document in a foreign language won’t be accepted.

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We have an effortless process that has these characteristics:

  • Online applications with easy language. We don’t use any complicated words for our online forms.
  • Experts checking your documents. We can confirm any errors we may find, and we will get in touch with you to correct them.
  • 100% government complaint photos. For any pictures you may need, we have the right services. We know all the details about photo requirements.
  • Guidance throughout your journey. We will walk you through the process and support you whenever you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any travel purposes that won’t comply with the A1 Visa?

Yes! Check what travel purposes aren’t permitted under the A1 Visa application:

  • Any government official who will do non-official or non-governmental activities in the United States. These activities could be tourism or commercial nature. Only a Head of State or Government can travel on an A1 Visa for any travel purpose.
  • Any local government official who represents a state, province, or other local entity.

Remember that the A1 Visa is only available for official or government activities led by an official of a foreign government. Any other cases may fall under other types of visas, such as type B Visas or Visitor Visas. The only exception is for the Head of State of any country.

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Can I take my family members with my A1 Visa?

Yes! However, you must understand what an immediate family member means. The term is defined as the spouse and unmarried children who belong to your household. Besides, an immediate family member could be someone who resides in your home, even if this person isn’t blood-related. This person must be recognized by your national Government as an immediate family member.

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100%! We have been helping travelers and immigrants for years with all types of online visa processes. We know what you need to visit the United States soon.

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I have some doubts. Who can I contact?

Get in touch with our support agents immediately! We’re available 24 hours a day for any questions about the A1 Visa for Officials and Government Employees.

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