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About the B1/B2 visa rules and policy

About the B1/B2 visa rules and policy
iVisa | Updated on Feb 28, 2019

The visa policy of the United States and the Immigration Laws are not the easiest things to comprehend. Since there are about 180 types of US visas, you can imagine that each comes with its own rules and policy. However, the B1/B2 visa rules are among the simplest. Even if they appear to be complicated, with a little bit of attention, you should go over the application process smoothly enough.


The first rule that you need to remember is with regard to eligibility. Believe it or not, a lot of people have their B1/B2 visa application rejected because they do not pick their visa category well. The B1/B2 visa rules state that this category is meant for people who travel to the United States for business or pleasure. With that being said, you should apply for a B1/B2 visa for the following purposes: For Business:

  • You want to negotiate a contract with a US company
  • Participate in meetings with US business associates
  • You wish to settle an estate
  • You want to participate or attend conferences related to education, your profession, or your business For pleasure:
  • Spend your vacation in the US
  • Take a tour of the US
  • Visit your friends or relatives
  • You want to attend social events
  • You want to receive medical treatment
  • Take part in events or contests related to sports or music, but you do not receive payment for it
  • Take courses, but not for credit (for instance, woodworking classes) Needless to say, eligibility is an important rule that if you do not follow, you application will be rejected and you must apply for the visa category you need.

Another important rule to remember, and something that will come in handy, is that the application form, the DS-160 non-immigrant visa form, is available online. iVisa will have it soon among its services. In the meantime, if you use the online service, that will spare some effort and some time on your part. Otherwise, you need to go to the US embassy for that as well.

The next thing that is good to know is that while you can schedule the interview at the US embassy in another country, you should have it in your country of origin. That will speed things up for you. Plus, something that you may find useful, kids under the age of 13 and adults 80 or above are generally not required to attend the interview. For the in-between age group, however, it is mandatory.

Apart from the fee you must pay for the application process, the $160, you may also be required to pay an issuance fee. However, that rules apply only to certain nationalities as a result of the relationship between their country and the United States.

Lastly, just because you filled in the form, online or otherwise, that does not guarantee that your visa application will be granted. It is wrong to believe that if you apply online and you get the confirmation page, you will automatically be able to board the next flight to the US. That is just a means to an end. You need the confirmation page to be able to schedule and attend an interview.

Truth be told, there are many more B1/B2 visa rules, but in order to clear things up, you need to do a more specific search. You can find various information on iVisa’s blog, and if you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our support service.

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