Diversity Visa Lottery For Italy: A Complete Guide

Diversity Visa Lottery For Italy: A Complete Guide

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

Italy is one of the renowned counties in Europe. People of this country who want to reside in the United States have to go themselves a golden opportunity to do the same. The United States is a place where everyone dreams of living and working. However, acquiring legal permission for residing there i.e. earning a green card is one of the most difficult tasks.

The Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy is something that you would love. This is because the Diversity Lottery or Green Card Lottery is something that would allow you to transform into a permanent resident of the United States which is among the top privileges as this lottery system selects few lucky winners who are selected for the same.

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If you want your name to be included among the names of the lucky winners of DV lottery, you just have to visit iVisa.com and fill up a simple application form and that’s it from your side. The lottery is opened in the month of October every calendar year which is something you should always remember as missing a chance on this terrific opportunity is something you would avoid.

Just make sure that you know everything about this lottery scheme before you apply for the same. The best place to do the same is online.

Process of getting Diversity Visa for the residents of Italy

  • Download the application form.
  • Enter all your vital data which are to be required for your application.
  • Connect every single record which your application requests.
  • Select all the required records.
  • Turn in your application. Determination is done through an arbitrary cycle done by the U.S. Division of State. You don't need to get your Diversity Visa if you get selected. Only after coordinating all the prerequisites, you will be qualified for the Diversity Visa.

Why would it be a good idea for one to apply for his Diversity Visa Lottery ahead of time?

The Diversity Visa Lottery For Italy is not difficult to acquire through iVisa.com because the process is simple and easy to complete but when you make the application you should apply a few days before when you need the visa. This would make sure that your visa gets processed on time without any issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ’S

What are the documents I need to have while applying for the Diversity Visa Program?

The documents that you need to have while you apply for Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy are as follows:

  • A Valid Passport which should not expire for the next six months.
  • Two Passport Size Photographs (Recent one).
  • Debit Card/Credit Card or PayPal Account.
  • Email Address (Make sure it is working).

Is my application safe when I apply online?

When you Apply on iVisa.com, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your Visa application. You can trust us we are the most credible organization that can get your visa approved without asking for any hassle from your side. Just visit our website and get all the relevant information that you need.

Where and How should I apply for the lottery?

The answer to this question is very simple. You just have to visit our online website to apply for Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy. You just have to fill up an application form for the DV lottery and submit the same along with some important documents mentioned above.

What Is the normal processing time that goes into the processing?

Well, the processing time that goes into the application processing of Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy varies in the following three ways:

  • Standard Processing Method: This method is the slowest among the three and takes 2 days with USD 37.49 as the fee.
  • Rush Processing Method: This method is slightly faster than the previous one and takes 24 hours to get processed with USD 61.99 as the fee.
  • Super Rush Method: This method is the fastest among the three available methods and takes just 4 hours with USD 106.99 as the fee.

Where Can I learn more about the Diversity Visa Program?

If you want to expand your knowledge about the Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy, you just need to visit iVisa.com and you will find every information that you need regarding the lottery, application form, and the documents.

Why is a green card and the DV lottery so valuable?

A Green card is something which is one of the most difficult things to obtain for a person residing outside the US and hence is very valuable. A DV lottery or a Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy, is something which gives you a way to achieve that valuable thing i.e. a green card. Also, it is a very easier and convenient way to obtain a green card. Visit iVisa.com to know more.

How Should I Check the free required for completing the application process?

If you want information about the fee required for you to apply for Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery) for Italy, you just need to go on the online website and find out the fee from there. It hardly needs a minute of your time.

What are some unmissable spots in the United States of America?

The United States of America is probably the vastest country. With vastness comes varieties in culture, locations, and cooking styles also. The iVisa.com site recommends individuals to visit New York to see the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Times Square, and obviously, the sculpture of freedom, the Statue of Liberty. All of these places are well known around the world and have existed for a long time. So whenever you plan your trip try to visit as many of these places as you can.

Apart from New York, you can also visit other states such as Chicago and Hawaii. All of the states in America have a lot of diversity and are very different from each other. You can enjoy the beaches in Hawaii while you can trek on the mountains in Idaho, the USA has a lot to offer. Besides, you can Learn More on iVisa.com and contact the customer care department for additional help.

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