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US Visa for Malaysians

US Visa for Malaysians
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Malaysian passport holders can travel to some nations by getting an electronic visa beforehand, but there are protocols specific to each country you should be aware of while planning your trip. Below, rules, regulations, requirements, and upcoming changes for Malaysians headed to America are discussed.



Why Would Malaysians Choose to Vacation in the US?

According to the Award Winning Travel Blog Malaysiaasia, The United States is a preferred travel destination for Malaysians – especially for the long year-end holidays. Attractive destinations include Florida and the West Coast. Florida boasts many attractions and theme parks such as Universal Orlando and the collection of Disney resorts. When visiting the West Coast, a common itinerary will include a trip from Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, on to San Francisco and then back to LA via rental car.
However, even while extolling the virtues of the U.S., the article seems to imply that it isn’t worth visiting the US until after Malaysian citizens qualify for the US visa-waiver program sometime in late 2017. We here at iVisa disagree – we don’t think a trip should be postponed simply because there are some obstacles to getting the necessary documentation.

Can I Get My Travel Documents From iVisa for My Trip to the US?

OK, so if Malaysians shouldn’t wait to visit the US, can iVisa help them with the process of getting the necessary travel documents? Yes, we can. Malaysian passport holders can travel to many places with an electronic visa. However, this is not the case for travel to the US. US travel falls into two categories. Citizens from countries which qualify for the US travel-visa waiver program and those that do not. In the former case, all that is needed is an electronic travel document called an Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA. iVisa can issue ESTA documents for travel to many places. Unfortunately, currently, Malaysian citizens do not qualify for the ESTA and do still require a traditional visa to visit the US. As noted above, this is expected to change sometime in 2017. However, we do feel that it is unnecessary to wait until the easier process is in place. Instead, we provide resources to help you go through the process of obtaining your traditional visa through the US Embassy.

Where is the US Embassy in Malaysia?

The US Embassy is in Kuala Lumpur. You will be guided through the process of determining what kind of visa you need – immigrant or non-immigrant. In general, the distinction is whether you plan to visit the US on a tourist or student visa, or whether your intention is to emigrate and become a permanent resident. However, there are nearly ten different types of non-immigrant visas, and it is important to select the correct one. We are available to provide further guidance to help ensure you know what information you will need to provide the US embassy staff as well as what questions you should ask. This will help ensure you select the correct visa for your travel to America. You can apply directly through the US Department of State website if you do not wish to receive guidance on the process.

What Services Do We Offer to Help Malaysians Prepare for Their Trips to America?

We provide information about the location of the Embassy and can answer other specific questions about the things that you can and cannot legally bring to your visa appointment at the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Our 24/7 chat and phone lines from ivisa.com are available to help make the process as painless as possible.


Malaysians will soon qualify for the US Visa Waiver Program – which will eliminate the need for embassy visits to obtain many basic tourist and business visas. However, there is no reason to postpone the trip when iVisa is available to help make the process as smooth as possible even before that change occurs. Contact us today to learn more!

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