Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Liberia

Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Liberia

iVisa | Updated on Jul 13, 2022

The commonwealth country of Antigua and Barbuda is a popular tourist attraction that caters to individuals of all interests. The cluster of islands in the Caribbean is home to a well-known historical sites such as St. John's Cathedral, the English Harbour, Fort James, and more. The islands of Antigua and Barbuda are the two largest islands but there are several other islands to explore within this small country that each have unique offerings.

Antigua and Barbuda

Liberian citizens who are hoping to vacation in the islands of Antigua and Barbuda will need to begin their journey by filling out an application for an e-visa. You will need your e-visa at the point of entry when you land in Antigua and Barbuda to gain entry. In order to help make your application as easy as possible, we've answered a few frequently asked questions, which you can read below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is an e-Visa?

An e-visa is a newer type of visa that allows travelers to carry their visa with them on their digital device when they travel. Though not required, we do suggest also keeping a paper copy of your visa on you, just in case of tech errors. E-visas are legitimate, official documents for travel and are often accompanied by passports.

Can I Get a Visa-on-Arrival Instead of Applying for an e-Visa?

No, you cannot get a visa-on-arrival in the country of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda does not currently offer visas-on-arrival for Liberian citizens. You will need to arrive with an approved e-visa or risk fines, deportation, travel bans, etc. It is important to note that having an approved e-visa does not guarantee that you will not be denied entry into the country. Immigration officers are permitted to refuse entry to anyone without explanation.

Are Liberians Allowed Multiple Entry with Their e-Visas?

As of right now, Antigua and Barbuda e-visa allows a Single Entry for Liberian citizens. Expiry is 180 days after issued

What Is the Max Stay for Liberian Citizens with an Approved e-Visa? How Do I Stay Longer?

As of right now, Antigua and Barbuda e-visas allow a max stay of 90 days Per Entry for valid visa holders from Liberia. You can stay in Antigua and Barbuda longer if you are approved for an extension. To get approval, you will have to fill out an application with immigration in Antigua and Barbuda. The application does have a 300 USD fee that is nonrefundable and that does not guarantee approval.

Is There Only One Speed for Processing? How Much Do e-Visas Cost?

There is more than one speed for processing; in fact, there are three! Each processing speed has a different price so your price will depend on which speed you choose. The speeds are as follows:

  • Standard - including service fees, the standard application costs USD 151.99 and is processed in 14 Business Days.
  • Rush - including service fees, the rush application total cost is USD 191.99 and is processed in 11 Business Days.
  • Super Rush - including service fees, the super rush application has a total cost of USD 248.99 and is processed in 8 Business Days.

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