Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Madagascar

Antigua and Barbuda e-Visa for Citizens of Madagascar

iVisa | Updated on Jul 13, 2022

In the Caribbean Sea, tourists flock to the islands for vacations and getaways. One of the most popular spots in the Caribbean for vacationing is the country of Antigua and Barbuda, where history, culture, and beauty come together to provide its visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Antigua and Barbuda

Island hopping from Madagascar to Antigua and Barbuda is a breeze with iVisa. We've eliminated the need for you to contact the embassy and streamlined the application process. You can start your application process here. We've also gone ahead and saved you the trouble of research by providing you with a list of frequently asked questions (see below) and answers. Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is e-Visa and Do I Need One?

An e-visa is a travel document issued to travelers by the Antigua and Barbuda government. They let citizens of countries not approved for visa-free travel to visit the country as tourists. If you are a citizen of a country that has not been approved for visa-free travel to Antigua and Barbuda, then you will need an e-visa. Citizens of Madagascar must have valid e-visas when they arrive at a point of entry since their country is not approved for visa-free travel.

What Are the Restrictions for Multiple Entry for This e-Visa?

The policy for Antigua and Barbuda e-visas allow citizens of Madagascar Single Entry.

What Are the Restrictions of Length of Stay for This e-Visa?

This e-visa allows a max stay of 90 days Per Entry

What Is the Processing Time for the e-Visa? How Much Will It Cost?

Citizens of Madagascar will be prompted to choose from three different pricing options, each based on processing speed. The processing speeds are standard, rush, and super rush. Below, you will find out more information about them.

  • Standard Speed - including service fees, the standard application costs USD 137.49 and is processed in 14 Business Days.
  • Rush - including service fees, the rush application total cost is USD 196.99 and is processed in 11 Business Days.
  • Super Rush - including service fees, the super rush application has a total cost of USD 206.99 and is processed in 8 Business Days.

When Do Antigua and Barbuda e-Visas Expire for Citizens of Madagascar?

Your e-visa provided by Antigua and Barbuda will expire 180 days after issued.

My e-Visa Is Expired. Can I Still Use It?

No. Expired visas and e-visas are not considered valid by Antigua and Barbuda. You will need to obtain a new e-visa. If you arrive with an expired e-visa, you might be denied entry, fined, placed on a temporary ban, etc.

How Do I Extend My e-Visa's Max Stay?

For visa extensions, an application to the immigration department must be filed and paid for. The fee for submitting an extension application is 300 USD and it is a nonrefundable fee. Any extension you may receive will not be over 90 days. When you are submitting your extension application, you will be asked to prove your financial capability to continue supporting your stay in addition to a valid passport, a passport-sized picture, and a valid airline ticket out of the country.

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