Antigua & Barbuda: The e-Visa for Citizens of Niger
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Whether you're going for Sailing Week at the end of the spring to see all of the yachts or looking to visit the Bird Sanctuary, traveling to Antigua & Barbuda is a blast. But, citizens of Niger will need to apply for a visa to secure their trip.

Antigua and Barbuda

What's great is that we live in a digital world now. Whether you are using a smartphone, computer, or tablet, you can now get an electronic visa online with our simple application process.

Frequently Asked Questions | Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa

What do I have to have to apply for an e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda?

Basic information you need to apply:

  • You'll need a passport with at least 6 months validity on it. Scan the bio page for your application.
  • Also, you may need to present your national ID card or birth certificate.
  • Have an official ticket showing your departure date from Antigua & Barbuda on it.
  • You'll also need to present a document from an employer or a school showing your reason for going to the islands if that is your reason.
  • Be prepared to prove you have the money to survive while on your trip,
  • and you'll need to also show you have a place to stay.

How long does it take to complete the application and receive my e-Visa?

The application is a short one. Then, you'll need to pick a speed of processing.

  • Standard processing normally takes 14 days to review and approve your e-Visa online application.
  • Rush processing will be processed within 11 days.
  • For the fastest processing speed, choose the Super Rush option. You will have your visa within 7 days.

You'll get your e-Visa by email, and it can be shown to officials when you arrive digitally. We do recommend printing it out just in case something happens.

How much does an Antigua & Barbuda electronic Visa cost?

Based on the processing speed you choose and other factors, your visa costs will vary. The below prices are for your e-Visa and the processing speed together.

  • USD $156.99 for Standard processing.
  • USD $244.99 total for the e-Visa and Rush processing.
  • USD $304.99 if you decide to select Super Rush processing.

How many days do I have before my e-Visa expires?

Make certain to plan your trip before your visa expires.

The e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda will expire in 180 days after issued.

How many days can I explore Antigua & Barbuda with an e-Visa?

The maximum time you can stay is 30 days Per Entry.

You must have a plane ticket or other transportation ready to leave before the maximum days are up.

How many times can I enter Antigua & Barbuda with an e-Visa?

An e-Visa for Antigua & Barbuda is a Single Entry visa.

Entry is not guaranteed just because you have a visa. Security and other reasons may prevent your entry, but most people have no problem entering the country.

The Antigua & Barbuda e-Visa | Niger Residents

We live in an awesome time where you can get an e-Visa online without leaving your house or current location. Take advantage of this option, and let us deal with the hassles of speaking to the government.

Have a safe and wonderful trip to these beautiful islands.

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