Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know
iVisa | Updated on Nov 24, 2021

The Argentina ETA is one of the few travel documents that allow you to enter the country multiple times on different trips. Thanks to you can apply for this document from the comfort of your home.

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To apply for this process you just need to follow easy steps and wait for to do the rest.

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - Learn more about this process on our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID restrictions to enter Argentina?

To enter Argentina you must present a COVID vaccination certificate with the last dose received at least 14 days before entering the country. Also, you need to carry a negative test 72 hours before take-off. All visitors must have one except for minors under the age of 6.

In addition, all unvaccinated travelers must be quarantined for 7 days after arriving at any hotel facility approved by the government. After the 7 days, they need to take a second PCR COVID19 test to leave quarantine.

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - This information may change, so read our FAQ section for any updates.

What is the Argentina ETA and how can I apply for it?

The Argentina ETA is an online document that grants travelers from 71 countries to enter the country multiple times with a validity of 90 days after being issued.

You can get the Argentine Government to extend your ETA for a similar period with the approval and examination of an Immigration Service Office in the country.

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - You need to follow these 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Complete our online questionnaire, and select the processing time.
  • Step 2: Check all your information is valid before choosing the method of payment.
  • Step 3: Upload all the required documents and wait for the electronic visa.

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - helps you in the application process.

What documents do I need to apply for the Argentina ETA?

  • The page of the personal information on the passport.
  • A recently taken passport-size picture with no accessories at sight.
  • An e-mail address.
  • A payment method. It can be a credit or debit card.

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - Your passport must be at least 6 months valid.

What is the cost to obtain the Argentina ETA?

You can choose between 3 alternatives depending on your travel needs:

  • Standard Processing: 16 days - USD $293.99
  • Rush Processing: 11 days - USD $355.99.
  • Super Rush Processing: 9 days - USD $442.99

Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - You will find your travel documents at the best prices at

Can be trustworthy?

Yes, we have the support of hundreds of clients who have opted for our services and have been able to travel around the world on time. Trust us and be part of the family. Argentina Visa Multiple Entry: All you need to know - Read our feedback on the review section.

I have more questions about the Argentina ETA. Who can I talk to?

You can always contact our customer service team if you have any concerns about the Argentina ETA. They are available 24/7. Recommends

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