Wine Touring in the Mendoza Valley in Argentina
iVisa | Updated on Nov 22, 2020

Wine Touring Famous Mendoza Valley in Argentina

Mendoza Valley in Argentina Offers Excellent Wine Tours

There’s Tango and then there is delightful wine throughout Argentina. Tours are the best way to go! Prepare your passport including a visa to argentina and be ready for tasting the life.

Getting older isn’t a bad thing. As you grow, your experience and appreciation for the finer points in life magnify. This rings true especially for the love of wine. Where on good ol’ planet earth could possibly create one of the greatest liquids to have ever been discovered? Ok, besides Italy, there is the magnificent Mendoza valley in Argentina. This country may be known best for its passionate, heart pounding dance of the senses better known to the world as Tango, but its wine is second to none. If you are not traveling around the globe for dance, you must be coming here to taste the fruits of blissfulness.


One drop on your tongue and you may never return home. Hidden on the Eastern foothills of the Andes Mountains lies a plethora of vineyards, dotting the countryside for kilometers. Mendoza is considered to be Malbec capitol, far surpassing any on this little blue planet. Other reds like cabernet sauvignon and pinot’s prevail as well. Driving through the countryside, all you have to do is roll down the window and a sweet, tantalizing aroma fills the entire car. Talk about exquisite! Altura located with the Mendoza Valley offers a variety of tours for locals and visitors to the region. Take a walk among rows of finely grown grapes, collecting incoming sunlight and preparing to bust at the seams with fantastic flavor.

Another place to look if you are serious about touring the region is Ampora Wine Tours. Day trips are fun, however, wouldn’t it be even more of a bragging experience if you got a chance to stay in the Mendoza valley and tour? There are plenty of places offering rooms to stay in while you gallivant through wineries. Plus, it’s always better when you don’t have to drive afterwards. Hire someone to take you or depending on the vacation package you book, you may be on a small bus or van with other wine lovers such as yourself.

We know you’ve probably already reached for your well stocked wine cellar while reading this. Tempting isn’t it? Your dreams wine tour of Mendoza starts with a passport and an Argentina visa. This Argentina reciprocity fee can be made through our site with easy to use directions. Soon you’ll be packing those bags lightly, since bringing back wine is a definite option once you have a visa to Argentina. Cheers!

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