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This content was updated in September 2022

Belize is one of the favorite vacation destinations in Central America. The incredible accommodations, the proximity to the Caribbean Sea, the fantastic beaches, and the wonderful islands are some reasons for its popularity.

As of September 2022, all foreign tourists entering Belize will not be required to purchase travel medical insurance. However, we always recommend traveling with insurance.

Save yourself the time of looking for medical insurance and book it online with us. We will provide you with online purchasing support, all the necessary information, and answer questions about the policy. Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Apply now for your Belize Travel Insurance.

Purchase Belize Travel Insurance Online Now!

What is Belize Travel Insurance?

Belize travel health insurance is quite an important document if you want to ensure a good trip. But not all insurances offer the same coverage, which is why it is essential to understand Belize travel insurance coverages.

Belize insurance covers COVID-19, quarantine expenses, hotel reimbursement, medical assistance, and emergency medical transportation during your stay in the country.

What is covered by travel insurance while visiting Belize?

The insurance company covers the following:

  • Hotel fee refund: This policy will cover reimbursement of hotel costs due to inability to travel. It covers some prepaid lodging expenses if the insured cannot travel to Belize due to illness, injury, or death of the insured or a family member. This is also considered trip cancellation insurance.
  • Hotel coverage per COVID-19: Covers lodging expenses for Gold Standard certified quarantine housing up to USD 2,000.00.
  • Medical expenses: Belize travel insurance policy covers travelers for medical emergencies up to USD 50,000.00. It also pays costs for emergency treatment, diagnostic services, outpatient care, medical equipment, hospital stay, hospital miscellaneous expenses, emergency room, emergency surgery, emergency transport by local ambulance, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses related, all at 100%, up to the policy limit. It also covers emergency expenses related to pre-existing conditions up to a combined maximum limit of USD 25,000.
  • Emergency Medical Transportation: This policy covers emergency assistance services, including emergency air evacuation and transportation of an immediate family member up to a combined maximum of USD 20,000.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains: Covers repatriation of mortal remains up to USD 5,000. To learn more about the travel insurance policy, you can contact our experts for assistance.

How long is the Belize Travel Insurance valid?

Belize travel insurance is a travel document valid for 21 days after arrival; after that time, you will be left without any coverage in the country. However, the coverage can be renewed if you need to stay longer. Just ask for an extension before the document expires.

Remember, the insurance coverage will begin the day you enter Belize.

Travel requirements and required documents for Belize Travel Insurance?

To apply for travel insurance in Belize, you need to have these documents:

  • Passport or ID: You must submit your passport or travel document for insurance information. Your personal information must always match the insurance data.
  • Email: An email address is required so that iVisa can send you the travel document and contact you for any other information.
  • Payment method: You can pay for the process with a debit/credit card.

Do I need Belize Travel Insurance to transit through Belize?

No, insurance is only necessary if you stay in the country for a while. However, for any trip you take, it is important to have travel insurance.

When you make stopovers, make sure that your insurance covers you for any accidents in the stopover countries.

How do I apply for the Belize Travel Insurance Renewal?

To purchase Belize travel insurance, you only need to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the questionnaire that iVisa provides with your general and travel details. In this step, you will also have to choose the type of processing time you want to purchase.
  • Step 2: You need to pay, but before that, you should check if all your information is correct. If we find a mistake, your process may be rejected.
  • Step 3: Upload the necessary documents to process the insurance.

You will receive a confirmation email. If you can't find it in your inbox, it may be in SPAM.

What are the costs and processing time of Belize Travel Insurance?

There are three processing alternatives. The fee will vary depending on the type of travel insurance you want to purchase. They are as follows:

  • Standard Processing Time - 24 hours: (USD $80.99) This one is perfect for people who are not in a hurry to travel and can wait for their travel documents. We recommend it if you are not in a hurry.
  • Rush Processing Time - 8 hours: (USD $132.99) This option is of regular timing; you may not be in a hurry to travel, but your travel date is close, and you prefer to have your documents at hand.
  • Super Rush Processing Time - 4 hours: (USD $195.99) This option is the fastest of all. It is perfect for travelers who are in a hurry to travel and need their documents as soon as possible.

Do minors need Belize Travel Insurance to enter the country?

If you want to take a trip with travel insurance, all visitors must have their own travel health insurance to enter the country, regardless of age.

COVID-19 requirements or restrictions

Since July 15th, 2022 Belize has lifted all covid restrictions regarding covid vaccination and PCR testing for entry.

What else should I know about Belize?

The climate in Belize is incredible as it is located on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America. It has only two seasons: dry and wet. This makes it easy to choose when to vacation in Belize.

December through April is when the country's season is in full swing. During this time, the weather is perfect. There is virtually no rain during this time, which is naturally very attractive to visitors.

Another interesting fact is the local currency. We recommend staying with USD. Almost all businesses in Belize accept this currency; you can always exchange your money at the airport in Belize city. Remember that 1 USD = 2 BZD (Belize Dollar), so it even plays in your favor.

Regarding gastronomy, this country has cultures such as Mayan, Garifuna, and English. That is why Belizean cuisine is an amalgam of flavors and colors of all kinds. Breakfasts are usually the most succulent meal of the day, with the delicious fry jacks as protagonists and pieces of fried dough that can be filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheese. It is truly spectacular!

Where can I contact you?

If you have questions about the services iVisa or our products, please get in touch with our customer service team or write to [email protected]. They will help you with any questions 24/7.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • The Belize travel insurance is valid for 21 days after arrival.

  • Your application will generate a QR code and a trip number (TRIP) that must be presented upon arrival.

  • Passengers must complete an online health declaration form within 72 hours before arriving in Belize.

  • The Belize Travel Insurance DOES NOT replace a visa. If citizens from your country require a visa, the immigration officers will ask for it when you enter Belize. Some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is the case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • iVisa is a legitimate company, accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For more information, see the FAQs below.

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If you have any problems with your application, you can contact our customer service team; they are available 24 hours a day to check it and help you with whatever you need, so zero worries.
If your application for Belize Travel Insurance is canceled or rejected, you can do so again. You should verify in detail that the information you are providing is correct.
No, only one policy per visitor is allowed per trip.
If you do not have travel insurance, you will have to pay with your own money, and if you face any problems in Belize, this could be very expensive.

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