Argentina Reciprocity change for Australians
iVisa | Updated on Aug 18, 2023

Argentina, the land of tango, waterfalls and excellent meat. Argentina is truly one of the world´s most beautiful and culturally rich holidays destinations in 2017.

What recent changes has occurred for Australians paying the Argentina Reciprocity Fee?

Good news for Australian tourists is that from July 1st, 2017, the Argentina reciprocity fee is no longer required to be paid by Australian citizens. That means that Australians no longer have to pay the reciprocity fee to visit Argentina. IMPORTANT: Australian citizens still need to apply for a visa if they plan to work, stay permanently or study in Argentina. Click here for a list of embassies should you need more info.

What is the Argentina Reciprocity Fee?

When you plan to visit Argentina, you will have to pay a tourism fee (better known as a reciprocity fee) to enter Argentina for tourism or business related purpose. Canadians, and Chinese citizens need to pay this entry fee online, it is easy with iVisa. This should be done before their arrival to Argentina as the option to pay at the border was removed. This fee can only be paid online and needs to be done before you travel. You get to stay for a maximum of 90 days inside Argentina and you may apply for an extension once inside the country. See here for more info: Canadians, Chinese.

Its an easy process online and you only need a valid passport when entering the country (expiration date should be at least 6 months after your arrival date to Argentina) and a return ticket.

Visit Argentina today, and if you have questions regarding the Argentina Reciprocity Fee then contact iVisa via Online Live Chat at

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