Eight Effective Ways to Reignite Your Travel Blogging Motivation
iVisa | Updated on Mar 30, 2022

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From excitement to dread and helplessness, blogging motivation provokes all sorts of emotions. If you need to reignite your travel blogging motivation, here are eight effective ways to to so.

While sometimes our creativity is in full swing, there are times when others need to give us a nudge. But what if you don’t have a fellow travel blogger to lean on? Like most things in life, travel blogging comes with highs and lows.

If you’re currently dragging your feet through a travel blog valley, you’ll find these tips for travel blogging useful.

1. Remember Why You Started Blogging

An excellent way to start regaining your motivation is to hark back to previous trips and remember why you started blogging about travel in the first place.

Are you passionate about traveling, and would you love to inspire others? Is being location-independent important to you, or do you want to create an online presence and make a name for yourself as the go-to person for awesome travel blogging ideas? Just be clear about why you started a travel blog.

You began travel blogging for a reason, and it’s essential to keep that reason in mind to stay motivated.

2. Connect with Fellow-Travelers to Reignite Your Love of Travel

Having travel writing buddies can do wonders. Fellow-travel bloggers may inspire you and revitalize your love of travel blogging.

Find a couple of bloggers by doing a Google search or stumbling across someone on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere. Also, blogging communities come in handy to connect with others in your niche. Subscribe to their newsletters, comment on their blogs, share their posts, and interact with people, so you also get noticed and make friends in the industry.

Knowing other bloggers may prove useful when you need someone to sympathize with you.

3. Reignite Your Travel Blogging Motivation by Reading and Responding to Comments Your Readers Left on Your Blog

Have you been ignoring your readers’ comments? If so, read them now and respond to what your audience has had to say. Often, these comments often lead to travel blogging ideas and getting a feel for what goes down well and what doesn’t.

Did someone rave about your latest post, or are they not impressed? Reading the comments, you will sense the excitement, and by responding, you’ll establish trust.

4. Make a Plan on How to Keep Your Spirits up in Future

Whether it’s reading travel books or travel articles, to stay on target, you need a vision, a plan. Blogs can inspire wanderlust.

You may want to make real-life connections to keep your spirits up. Having a chat with fellow bloggers in person can be a game-changer.

5. Restart Writing So You Can Do Something You Love

Go back to the basics without worrying about keyword research, Google page rank, social media, monetization, site speed, photos, and whatnot. If you start to write about something you love and are genuinely passionate about, you’ll quickly be reigniting your travel blogging motivation.

Don’t rush; take time to enjoy writing while smashing your keyboard. By doing something you love, you can be yourself and reenergize the love of your niche.

6. Set Realistic Goals to Reignite Your Travel Blogging Motivation

Are you trying to bash out too much in too little time? Perhaps your current strategy is making you weary, or maybe you’re just working at the wrong time of the day. To increase your travel blogging motivation, mull new strategies over to avoid burnout. As you’re thinking about new schedules, setting realistic and growth-related goals based on monthly statistics is vital.

Invest time in truly getting to know your readers. Blogging requires determination, a positive attitude, and continuous hard work. Besides, do not compare yourself to fellow bloggers who may be more experienced than you. Possibly, these guys blog full time or have been in the business for a lot longer than you. Comparing your success with that of others may cause resentment and discouragement.

You’d better reanalyze your marketing strategy on a monthly basis. That will help you create blog posts that attract more readers, and that will definitely keep your spirits up.

7. Always Reflect on the Progress You Have Made

Look back on where you’ve come from. Reflecting on the progress you have made is far more encouraging than looking at other bloggers’ successes.

What was it like when you started out? Even if only a few readers have commented on your blog, you still provided content that someone found useful.

Also, make time to celebrate the growth you have registered and the readers engaging with your content. Do you have a blog income report? Give yourself a pat on the back and use graphics to show where you’ve come from. Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight, so appreciate every step and milestone along the way.

8. Keep Embarking on Adventures, no Matter How Small They Are

Embark on small adventures, also called micro-adventures, so you never lose that driving force. Keeping yourself moving, even if in a local setting for a short time, will feed your daring side. Plus, micro-adventures are cheap, fun, exciting, and rewarding.

Small adventures teach you new and challenging things while providing realistic, simple escapism. A taste of wilderness is refreshing and accessible to anybody willing to venture out.

Aside from learning new things while going on micro-adventures, you can also brainstorm ideas in new places. More often than not, it’s changing the workspace that sparks new ideas.

Taking these eight easy and effective steps, you will find your way out of the valley and conquer the next peak right in front of you.

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