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You can get a Brazil eVisa following a set of simple steps. It all begins with you filling in the Brazil eVisa online form. The document will be ready for you within as little as four business days, and it will arrive via email in the timeframe you choose during the application process. You will be required to print it out and present it when boarding your flight. You must also show it at the immigration office once you arrive in Brazil.

We created an easy to comprehend application form that consists of three simple steps. The first one will ask you to fill in your personal information and choose a processing time. The second will ask you to revise step one and make the payment, and the third will require you to upload a few additional documents. If you need assistance with your application form, we are at your disposal 24/7. Our customer support service is dedicated to our clients.

iVisa has a 5-year experience in the field, and we work with the most experienced professionals. We use the safest and most effective technology to process your applications and keep your information secure. As a result, we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. You can become one as well. Keep in mind that each Brazil eVisa you receive using the services provided by has the verification from the authority that issues this document. From a legal standpoint, the electronic visa you receive from us has the same value as a visa issued by Brazil’s diplomatic mission.

Tourist eVisa — WHAT DO YOU NEED?

In order to obtain a Brazil eVisa, you need to have a few documents at hand. They are as follows:

  • A valid passport
  • A digital copy of your passport’s information page
  • Passport photo
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Credit/debit card or Paypal account When the circumstances require it, you may also be asked to present proof of return flight, accommodation reservation (hotel confirmation or a letter from a host,) bank statements, a copy of your ID card, previous passport copies, and so on. These documents may be required when you land in Brazil, and the immigration officers may ask you to show them. This is a case-by-case event, which is why it is best if you have them on you anyway.

Tourist eVisa Requirements for Brazil

Starting January 2018, Brazil is introducing electronic visas for the citizens of four states: Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. That means travelers from the mentioned countries are no longer required to go to the Brazilian embassy and apply for a visa. They can do it online and get their visas in as little as four business days. With iVisa, you will have an easy time applying for your visa. It is fast, convenient, and reliable. Since the standard processing time takes 10 days, our recommendation is to submit your application at least 10 days before your departure date. Delays almost never happen, but it is best if you are on the safe side.

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