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Due to recent measures taken by governments to tackle Covid-19, visitors will be required to present Health Declarations, Medical Declarations, or Self-Declarations Health Form for entry Cameroon., in its effort to help all customers fulfill their travel dreams, designed these required documents for you to travel safely.

It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

Important Instructions

  • Only complete this form if you are planning to travel within the next 3 months. Requests to travel outside of 3 months will not be considered. Check the website regularly as travel restrictions are subject to change.

  • All travelers arriving in Cameroon must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities in their port of arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cameroon Ministry of Tourism has been promoting one phrase in particular when it comes to this impressive country. ‘All of Africa in a single place’ is the slogan that has captured the board’s hearts and it is easy to see why. You don’t need to bother with multiple visas and countless flights all over the continent when you can easily see the best parts of Africa here, in Cameroon. Obtain your Cameroon Health Declaration in just three, simple steps. The first thing to do is complete the Health Declaration on the website. We’ve overhauled the traditional application format so that you’ll never have to worry about confusing wording or tricky answers. We offer a guidance and support service that is available 24 hours a day so you can talk to us about your Cameroon Health Declaration if you have any doubts or concerns.

In the same way that Africa is home to a vast array of different tribes, cultures and landscapes, so too is this country. The southern part is covered by a dense area of equatorial forest, which is green and lush in its topography. As the land changes and lowers gradually towards the northern part of the region, the western part starts to rise up in savannah while a long 400km Atlantic coastline boasts fine sand beaches. As you can imagine, this is a unique place that reflects the diversity of over 200 ethnic groups who have lived here for a very long time.

If a holiday isn’t complete for you without a dip in the sea then plan a weekend trip to the towns of Kribi and Limbe. Keep your eyes peeled for the coconut trees that are dotted along the impressive beaches in Kribi, or wander along to the southern part of the town where you will find awe-inspiring waterfalls like Lobe that propel water directly into the ocean from 30 metre tall drops. Once you’re feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the cool spray, more adventurous travellers can make the most of their location to depart by canoe or boat to the location where the Pygmies of the equatorial forest were discovered. You can also set off on other day trips from Kribi, including one to the fishing village of Ebodje. It is a regional site for the protection of marine turtles and also boasts stunning, untouched beaches where you can safely relax without worrying about bumping into anyone else.

If you’re wondering about the quality of safaris and national parks in Cameroon, you certainly don’t need to worry about them being lacking in any way. There are nine national parks here and the most spectacular is considered to be the Waza National Park. Head north to get there and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in a world of giraffes, cheetahs and elephants. Take a tour of their watering holes to see them in their natural habitat. If you’ve come to Cameroon hoping to see rhinos and lions then perhaps you should schedule a stop in Bouba Ndjida national park. The Benue national park is also found in the north and has more antelopes, hyenas, panthers and buffaloes than any other reserve. The Korup national park, located in the southern part of the country, has one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical forests in the world. Besides, Cameroon also has a number of good reserves and sanctuaries like Dja and Campo which are superb gorilla sanctuaries and help to protect and preserve the lives of these endangered species.

You would be doing an injustice to Cameroon if you didn’t make an effort to learn more about the unique folklore and music that reflects culture and history in each region of the country. When you’re in the southern part of Cameroon, take the time to experience the Bafia dance. Meanwhile, in the West, the Bamaleke dance is performed by masked people dancing in very colourful and eye-catching costumes. You’ll find decorated horsemen in painted costumes participating in the dances of the north, carrying and blowing long trumpets.

If you’d love to bring home a piece of this fascinating culture, Bafoussam, Foumban and Bamenda are towns that are particularly great places to stop and make a purchase of a mask, decorated costume, or artisanal chair.

If you like to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites when you’re on vacation, schedule a visit to the Dja reserve, which offers guests a sighting of more than 1500 animal species and over 320 bird species. You’ll lose track of time in this magical place where nature has been allowed to take over and flora and fauna can grow and develop without harm. Another place that will interest international visitors is the Limbe botanical garden. This was founded by a German horticulturist who was aiming to grow crops that are not typically found in this part of the world. Explore the trails and take in the jungle village that is often used for cultural shows and experiences.

Once you’ve filled in the Cameroon Health Declaration and checked that you have removed any typing errors, the next step is to select the processing option that best fits your personal circumstances. For example, if you need the Health Declaration urgently then go for Super Rush processing to ensure that you get it back on time for your flight. However, if you’re more about saving pennies and holidaying on a shoestring budget than we reckon you should use Standard processing, which offers a low cost with our normal processing time frame included. An added benefit of’s service is that we accept Paypal as a method of payment for all of our travel documentation, so if you don’t yet have access to a credit or debit card, don’t worry. Once you’ve paid for your Health Declaration all you have to do is submit it to us for an expert review. At this stage, your job is to sit back, relax and wait for us to contact you by email or phone if we have any questions, or simply wait for your authorised Cameroon Health Declaration to land in your inbox. Getting the Cameroon Health Declaration has never been so easy. You can apply from the comfort of your home, without the need to attend an embassy appointment or even slip on your shoes. With a passport, payment method and email address you can get the Cameroon Health Declaration sent to you directly and then all you’ll have to do is show it to border control officers when you arrive in Cameroon. Get ready for a fantastic trip and let take care of the hard part on your behalf.