Canada ETA for Citizens of Brazil
iVisa | Updated on Sep 18, 2023

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Canada's enchanting landscapes, dynamic cities, and diverse culture have made it a highly desirable destination for travelers globally, including those from Brazil. Securing an ETA is essential for Brazilian travelers to unlock the Canadian experience.

This guide has been meticulously crafted to walk you through the step-by-step application process for obtaining a Canada ETA. Whether planning a brief vacation, a family reunion, or exploring business prospects in Canada, this guide covers it all. When you're ready, apply for the Canada ETA conveniently from the comfort of your home via our user-friendly online platform or the iVisa app.

Your Canadian adventure awaits!

Do Brazilian citizens need a Canada ETA?

Yes, if you are a citizen of Brazil planning to travel to Canada, it's essential to obtain a Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as it's a mandatory requirement for visa-exempt visitors entering Canada. The ETA is valid for a substantial period of five years from the date of issue, affording travelers significant flexibility. During this five-year validity period, you have the convenience of making multiple entries into Canada.

The ETA allows for a generous maximum stay of up to 180 days Per Entry. This extended period of stay ensures that travelers can spend an adequate amount of time in Canada for various purposes, such as leisurely exploration, family visits, business engagements, or attending educational programs.

Canada visa application from Brazil: How to apply

The online application process through iVisa is exceptionally user-friendly and easy, taking less than 10 minutes to complete!

Here's how it works in three simple steps:

Step 1: Start by filling out the visa application form with your personal details. Afterward, you can choose the processing speed that suits your needs best, with three different options available.

Step 2: It's crucial to review the information provided in the visa application form for accuracy. Ensuring that all details align with your supporting documents helps avoid any complications in the application process. Once you've confirmed the accuracy, you can proceed to make the visa payment using a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Step 3: Upload all the required supporting documents and submit your completed visa application form. It's essential to ensure the scanned documents are clear and free from smudges. That's all there is to it!

Upon completing the application process, we will promptly deliver your ETA to your email address. It's essential to have both the ETA and your supporting documents ready to present to immigration officers upon your arrival at the airport.

More information about the Canada ETA for Brazilian citizens

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