Canada Visitor Visa for citizens of Panama
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The stunning natural landscapes, dynamic cities and towns, and rich cultural tapestry of Canada have consistently drawn travelers searching for remarkable memories.

In this guide, we'll cover the details, requirements, and step-by-step process of applying for a Canada Visitor Visa as a Panama citizen, assisting you in preparing for an unforgettable expedition to this captivating country. When ready, apply for the Canada Visitor Visa from the comfort of your home through our user-friendly online platform or the iVisa app!

Do Panama citizens need a Canada Visitor Visa?

Absolutely! If you hold citizenship in Panama, having a Canada Visitor Visa is mandatory when entering the country. This visa facilitates visitors from Panama to remain in Canada for a maximum of 180 days Per Entry, catering to purposes such as business activities, tourism, short-term studies, medical care, or reconnecting with family and friends.

To get a Canada Visitor Visa, travelers from Panama just need to submit the necessary documents, fill out an application form, maybe have an interview if asked, and meet some specific requirements. The visa application process is meant to check that you plan to return to Panama after visiting Canada before your visa expires.

Differences between the Visitor Visa and the ETA

Panama citizens also have the option to apply for the Canada ETA if they plan to visit Canada. While the Visitor Visa involves more paperwork as it's placed physically in your passport, it's valid for a longer duration and can be used for specific travel purposes.

On the other hand, the ETA is electronically linked to your passport and stays valid for up to five years or until your passport expires, whichever comes first. With an approved ETA, you can make multiple trips to Canada and stay for up to six months each time.

No matter which documents you require, we've simplified the application process for getting your Canada travel documentation. Whether you're applying for a Visitor Visa or an ETA, rest assured we've got you covered!

Canada Visitor Visa application from Panama: How to apply

The process of getting a Canada Visitor Visa from Panama may seem complex, but it's simple with our expert support. Just follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out your travel and contact details on our website or iVisa app. Check that all details are correct before paying the visa fees with a debit or credit card.

  • Step 2: You'll get a PDF manual via email explaining the next steps. Complete the rest of the requested information, upload the necessary documents, and submit your application on our platform.

  • Step 3: We'll carefully review your application details and submit it to the government. If the government requires you to attend an interview, we'll help you schedule an appointment at the nearest location.

More information about the Canada Visitor Visa for Panama citizens

Have more questions about the Canada Visitor Visa for Panama citizens? Our customer service team is here to help. Contact them through online chat or email at [email protected]. We're ready to assist you!

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