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Canada Visitor Visa invitation letter: how to family or friends?

Canada Visitor Visa invitation letter: how to family or friends?
iVisa | Updated on Jan 16, 2023

The Canada Visitor Visa is a temporary resident visa to visit Canada for tourism, business, or to visit friends or family. A letter of invitation is not mandatory for the application, but it can make the process smooth in the visa office if a friend or family member is going to visit you. You need to be a Canadian citizen or have a residence permit to do this and you must provide some details.

We know it is not very common to write letters these days, so we’ll provide further information to help you follow Canada's immigration law. In this article, you will learn about the supporting documents, how to write the letter of invitation, and all of the requirements for the visa offices.

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Canada Visitor Visa

This is an excellent option for a temporary resident visa to visit a friend or family member that is one of the following categories: Canadian citizen, international student with a Canadian study permit, people with a work permit, or other legal residents. This visa is valid for ten years and allows for a 6-month stay per entry.

At iVisa, we will support you through the whole process. The applicant can count on a visa expert to guide during the process to meet all the requirements that the visa officers look for. We also send a detailed manual guide with all of the information for each step of the application.

If the purpose of the trip is to visit someone in the country, the visa offices may request a letter of invitation. The resident in Canada must be the person writing the letter and offering financial support during the stay. Below, you can check what the letter of invitation must include.

Canada Invitation Letter

This is a simple signed letter that appeals to the visa office in favor of the traveler applying for a Visitor Visa, asking to allow the person to enter the country. The letter of invitation also reinforces to the visa office that the visa applicant is not giving false information about their intentions to enter Canada.

The invitation must include the details such as the address and telephone number of the Canadian citizens or residents and also the friend or family member’s information.

Who can send you a letter of invitation from Canada?

It must be a Canadian, a naturalized citizen, or a resident of the country that writes the letter of invitation. The person must know well the traveler that intends to visit Canada, being a family member, close friend, or business partner.

What are the information and supporting documents required for the letter of invitation?

The letter of invitation has to include details about the visa applicant and the person living in Canada. You must have the following information on hand to write the letter of invitation:

  • Visa applicant’s information:

  • The complete name (first name and last name),

  • Date of birth,

  • Contact information (telephone number and email),

  • Exact address,

  • The relationship that the applicant has with the person inviting them,

  • The purpose of the visit to Canada,

  • The duration of the visit,

  • Where the applicant will stay in Canada and how they will pay for their stay,

  • The date when the person will arrive in Canada and the date they will leave,

  • Copy of proof of financial support (bank statements from the last six months)

  • The information of the person inviting the applicant:

  • The complete name (first name and last name),

  • Date of birth,

  • Contact information (telephone number and email),

  • Exact address,

  • Status in Canada (Canadian permanent resident or citizen)

  • The job title,

  • Names and dates of birth of close family members and dependents (spouse or common-law partner and children),

  • The total number of people that live in your household.

  • Attach a copy of the Canadian citizenship card or passport,

  • Attach a copy of the Canadian birth certificate if the person was born in Canada,

  • Attach a copy of their Permanent Resident card or the IMM 1000 (Proof of Landing document) if they are a permanent resident.

  • If you will be the sponsor, provide proof of financial support (bank statements from the last six months)

Sample letter: How to write an invitation letter for a Canada Visitor Visa?

(Name of Place in Canada), (Date) To the Canadian Embassy in (Country Name)

(Embassy Address)

(Embassy Phone Number)

Subject: Invitation Letter for Mr./Miss (Visa Applicant’s Full Name)

Dear Visa Officer, My name is (Inviting Person’s Name), I was born on (date of birth), and I am from (location in Canada). I am a (status in Canada – citizen or permanent resident), and I live in (address in Canada). My household has (number of people living in the household), and I work (job title, company, and location), earning (monthly or annual salary).

This letter is to support the Temporary Resident Visitor Visa application of (Applicant’s Name), born on (date of birth) and currently living in (address in Foreign Country) to come to Canada for a short stay. Through this letter, I am inviting (Applicant’s Name) that will be staying in (location and address in Canada such as a hotel or your house) from (date of entry) until (date of departure). I am (Applicant’s Name), (State relationship such as brother, sister, friend), and we will be visiting and touring around Canada for (duration in days or months).

(Applicant’s Name) currently works (enter job title and location), earning (monthly or annual salary) with which they will be able to afford the stay in Canada. (Applicant’s Name) is a genuine visitor who will not overstay their visa. Their work obligations in (Name of the origin’s country) extend, and (Applicant’s Name) need to go back to work as soon as they return from Canada.

Please see attached a certified copy of my (Document proving status in Canada such as passport, birth certificate, or PR card).

Feel free to contact me should you have any further questions regarding myself or (Applicant’s Name). Thank you in advance for consideration of (Applicant’s Name) temporary resident visa application to visit Canada.

Best regards, (Inviting Person’s Name) (Address) (Phone number) (email)

Is an invitation letter mandatory for a Visitor Visa to Canada?

The letter of invitation is not mandatory. Still, it can be requested in some cases or make the application process easier for a family member or friend visiting you. The letter works as proof of the visa applicant’s travel purpose.

Can I apply for a Canada Visitor Visa without an invitation letter?

Yes, you can. You don’t need a letter of invitation to apply for the Canada Visitor Visa. You just need to provide your travel details and meet all the requirements to get this visa.

Can a friend send me an invitation letter to visit Canada?

Yes, a friend or family member can write a letter of invitation. They just need to provide the required information above in the letter.

How much does an invitation letter cost for family members and friends?

There is no cost. The person inviting the relatives to visit Canada writes the letter, and they add it to the application process.

Where can I learn more about Canada Visas?

You can always contact our customer support team if you have any questions about the Sponsorship application, Visitor Visa, or other travel documents for Canada. They are incredibly helpful and experts in processing travel documents, available 24/7. If you prefer, you can also email [email protected].