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iVisa | Updated on Apr 29, 2020

Denmark is one of the first countries that joined the European Union, and the fact that Egypt offers electronic visas to all the citizens from the EU means that Danish citizens have the option to get this visa with no stress.

The program started in December 2017 and had great success. It is easy to see why. The fact that people are no longer required to go to an embassy in order to get their visa is an outstanding improvement. So, if you are Danish, you get to enjoy an entirely online process with the help of iVisa. The process is fast, convenient, and the fees are insignificant.

We will explain to you what to do in order to get this e-Visa with no issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Danish citizens must get an eVisa to travel to Egypt?

Yes, Danish citizens require this visa to visit Egypt. The good thing is that you can get it here.

What is the eVisa for the Danish people?

It's a special document with an electronic system linked to your passport that allows you to come to Egypt.

How long does the eVisa last and how many times can I travel to Egypt?

This varies according to the nationalities. In the case of Danish, the Egypt e-Visa expires 90 days after issued with a Single Entry type of visa. Do not forget that this eVisa provides you a maximum staying in the country for 30 days in Total.

What about the requirements?

The first thing you need to apply for an Egyptian eVisa is a valid passport. Not only that, but the passport needs to keep its validity for at least half a year (counting from the date you will arrive in Egypt.) If not, your request can be rejected. Here is the complete list of the requirements:

  • A valid passport and also a copy of the information page

  • Answer a quick questionnaire

  • Credit or debit card payment

  • Valid email address

Your Egyptian eVisa will be sent via e-mail, which is why you need to be extremely careful when you type it in. Check the spelling twice. Don't forget that all the process and payment is done online. We are also accepting Paypal payments.

Can I apply for this eVisa with iVisa?

Yes, you can. iVisa is a high-rated company that's been working for more than 6 years with e-Visas, so you can feel sure of applying with them. You can check the testimonials here.

What price do I have to pay for this eVisa?

Your Egypt e-Visa will have a total price that can vary according to your needs. There are two things that influence this price and this is why we decided to divided in three options:

  • Standard processing – this alternative, gives you the possibility to obtain the visa in 6 Business Days. The best thing of it is the price because you only have to pay USD $61.49.

  • Rush processing – With this second alternative you get the eVisa in just 4 Business Days but with a total charge of USD $114.99.

  • Super Rush processing – the best choice for urgency cases that allows you to receive it in 3 Business Days. The price for this processing time is USD $153.99.

The visa type is the other factor that influences your price because we offer two types of entries: single and multiple. Since the single-entry is the most common, that's the example we gave to you with the fees above, but you can check the prices for the multiple-entry visa here.

Click here if you want to start your application.

How much time do I need to apply?

You only need a few minutes to apply online. You can be ready in just 20 minutes.

How do I apply for an Egypt eVisa with my Danish passport?

Go to the application form, as soon as you get all the requirements. This process has only three steps to follow:

  1. In the first one you have to fill the blank spaces with your general data and also select a processing time. Both of them will reflect the total price of your e-Visa.

  2. Then, review all your details provided in the formulary and make the payment.

  3. In the last step you have to upload additional documents and complete the questionary.

For extra assistance with the online form, you can call us 24/7.

What happens once I finish the application online?

As soon as you complete your application form, you will get the e-Visa by email in PDF format in the timeframe you selected.

If I'm a transit passenger, do I have to apply for the eVisa?

If your layover doesn't last more than48 hours, and you can prove that with an onward flight ticket, then you don't need to apply for an Egyptian visa or e-Visa. While you wait, you can even leave the airport, but always with the proper documentation.

Do I have to apply for my children separately?

It is not necessary to apply individually, as a parent, you can make the application in the same form as your kids. In other words, you don't need to apply for kids separately.

How does the Egyptian eVisa work?

The Egyptian Electronic Visa is issued online by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Egyptian Government.

We use this system to process an e-Visa by entering the applicant's information. We use an updated and secure system, so there's no worry about any information being leaked.

Is it possible to apply for my relatives?

If you want to add more than one person in the same form, you can do it by clicking on ''add new applicant''. To see how the form we offer looks like you can visit our page

How does the Egyptian eVisa look like?

Fill me in

Can I trust on the services of iVisa?

Yes, defiantly. iVisa offers maximum safety for your personal information, and this company also invests too much money on our database. You can feel safe and secure using their services. You can also read what thousands of satisfied people said about our services here.

If I want to read more about you, where can I get information?

If you want personal attention, you can click here to start talking to one of iVisa's customer service agents. You can also see more info this page.

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