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iVisa | Updated on May 05, 2020

Since December 20017, the Government of Egypt has given the green light for the electronic visas. It means that certain nationalities can apply for a visa online.

46 nationalities are eligible for this document, and Hungarian is one of them. This means that Hungarian citizens have the availability to get the Egypt eVisa. You don't need to go to an embassy to get your visa, because in iVisa’s website all the procedure is online, simple, fast, and efficient.

We will explain to you how to apply for this document in this article.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hungary passport holders, must get a visa to visit Egypt?

You must have a visa to travel to Egypt, but it can be an eVisa. You can apply for the eVisa here and read the specifications here.

What is an Egypt eVisa?

The Egyptian eVisa is an authorized electronic paper that gives visitors a legal entry to the country for tourism purposes.

For how long time can I use the eVisa?

If you're from Hungary, your eVisa has a validity of 90 days after issued and it has a Single Entry for 30 days in Total.

What documents do I need to apply?

Before filling in the application form, you should know a few things. There is a list of requirements you need to meet, but the list is uncomplicated:

  • A valid passport
  • A scan of the information page of your passport
  • Complete a personal questionnaire
  • Means of payment
  • Valid email address

What are the processing times and prices for this eVisa?

The total price you'll have to pay for your document will vary according to two things: processing time and visa type. As for the first thing, iVisa comes with three excellent options:

  • Standard – When you choose this processing time, your Egyptian e-visa will arrive via e-mail within 6 Business Days. This is the cheapest option, so it costs only USD $61.49.

  • Rush – This alternative will shorten the application processing time by one day. Your application will be ready within 4 Business Days, and you will have to pay USD $114.99.

  • Super Rush processing time – if you're on a rush an you need to be in Egypt as fast as possible, this is the option for you. Your form will be processed within 3 Business Days. The price is higher, of course, you'll have to pay USD $153.99.

The visa type is another important factor to get the total price of your e-Visa, and it means that you can choose between a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. We showed you the fees for a single-entry visa above, but you can check the price for a multiple-entry visa in this link.

Click here if you feel ready to start your application.

How long does it take to apply for an Egypt eVisa?

You only need 20 minutes to complete the online form.

How can I apply for an Egypt e-Visa?

Once you get everything you need, you can complete application form. It is very easy to understand and it only has three steps to follow.

  1. The first one will require you to fill in your personal information, and it will also ask you to select a processing time. Both of them will determine the cost of your electronic visa.

  2. The second step will require you to check step one so there's no mistake. After that, you can make the payment.

  3. The third step is made for additional documents to upload. In this part, you also have to fill in a personal questionnaire. When you are done, you just submit your application and wait.

If you need assistance while completing the application form, all you have to do is to contact iVisa’s support service so you can receive proper attention.

What happens after I have applied?

You will get your e-Visa by email in PDF format once you complete the online form. Keep in mind that you will receive it according to the timeframe you selected.

I am traveling with kids, do I need to apply for them separately?

No, you don't need to apply for them separately. Parents can apply for their kids in conjunction with their own applications.

Do I have to apply if I'm just in the Transit Area?

In case your layover doesn't exceed 48 hours, then you don't have to apply for a visa while you can prove that with an onward flight ticket. During that time you can leave the airport, but always with the required documentation.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

Don't forget that your Egyptian e-Visa is linked to your passport number, so if we already issued your application, then we're not able to make any changes and you will have to apply once more but we will NOT charge you with another fee. That's why we recommend you to contact our customer service representatives if you have any doubts.

Is it safe to use iVisa's service to get my Egyptian e-Visa?

Many travelers believe that online information can leak quite easy, so it is completely normal to be afraid of leaving this information into the wrong hands. However, that is not the case with our services.

We offer maximum safety for your personal data, and we also invest a lot in the security of our database. Your personal information could not be safer. You can read what thousands of satisfied customers say about us here.

How does this e-Visa look like?

Fill me in

I have more unresolved questions, where can I read more info about it?

For a better resolution, you can click here and start talking to one of our customer service representatives. You also can read more about this e-Visa in this page.

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