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Get Your Health Declaration Form for Gambia Now

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Due to recent measures taken by governments to tackle Covid-19, visitors will be required to present Health Declarations, Medical Declarations, or Self-Declarations Health Form for entry Gambia. iVisa.com, in its effort to help all customers fulfill their travel dreams, designed these required documents for you to travel safely.

It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

Required Documents to Apply

Important Instructions

  • Only complete this form if you are planning to travel within the next 3 months. Requests to travel outside of 3 months will not be considered. Check the website regularly as travel restrictions are subject to change.

  • All travelers arriving in Gambia must undertake a mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated facilities in their port of arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gambia is a West African country bordering Senegal which has a very narrow Atlantic coastline. It is renowned for its varied ecosystems along the Gambia River, from which it derives its name. The abundant wildlife in its Bongue and Songhai national parks and Bao wetland reserve includes lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles, buffalo, and zebras. The main tourist attractions in The Gambia are the coastal town of Gambiaport, where the world-famous port of Freetown is located. The friendliness of the locals and the hospitality of visitors maintain the dynamism of the Gambian tourism industry, which contributes significantly to the country's economy. It is an incredible destination to visit and that is why you should be aware of the requirements that the authorities of that country are currently demanding due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Gambia Health declaration is a mandatory document required by the authorities to control the entry of foreigners and to manage the spread of the virus. Tourism in Gambia has been growing steadily since the country broke away from the Sahel in the early 1960s. It began in a very limited way and has since grown into an almost seamless industry, with state-of-the-art accommodations and facilities to suit all tastes and budgets. There are a total of six main tourist destinations in The Gambia: the capital, Banjul; the tourist hub of Freetown, the country's largest city, which is also home to numerous parks and museums; the capital, Muscat, known for its stunning artwork, colorful and lively market and local cuisine; the historic town of Oasis, the capital of the southwest area, where authentic Indian and colonial architecture can be found; the historic town of Korikale, famous for pearl farming and salt fishing; and the western coastal town of Taurendi.

There are several major tourist towns in The Gambia; The highlights for tourists in Gambia are the lovely beaches and the serene local environment. Gambian cuisine is an amazing blend of local produce and traditional African spices. There is no better way to experience the local food than to try it for yourself at one of the many small cafes scattered along the coast, or to sample the wide variety of street food available in the area. In addition to local food, tourists can also sample a wide variety of international dishes, such as African and Italian fusion dishes, Chinese food, Indian curries, French cuisine, Spanish tapas, Japanese sushi, Lebanese cuisine, etc. Tourists vacationing in The Gambia should take a moment to sample the wide variety of wines produced in the country. If you are a food lover Gambia can be an excellent destination. Just keep in mind that you must have a Gambia Health declaration to enter this country. iVisa.com is a platform that will help you fill out an online form to obtain your Gambia Health declaration. You only need your personal data and information about your trip.

The landscape in this country is diverse and has some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. In The Gambia, the land forms the Atlantic Rift Valley, a border with the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and the Indian Ocean. There is also Mount Idrobo, a volcanic outcrop. Many travelers come to The Gambia for the wonderful views, food, and local culture.

The Gambian sights are also rich in cultural heritage. It is known for the exquisite craftsmanship that is still practiced by the indigenous people today. Tourism offers many options for travelers interested in culture. Some of the local specialties are bambara dance, aikido, chamayou, garba, golf, ngoncayo, okarito, sambadrome and todra, among others. Gambia's beautiful beach is one of the island's most popular tourist attractions. There are many popular beaches on the island and visitors can choose from them. Freetown is the capital of The Gambia and is considered one of the best beaches in the world. There are many wonderful hotels in the area and travelers can stay in one of them while exploring the fabulous beaches. One of the beaches in The Gambia that is particularly attractive to tourists is the Blue Beach. Here, visitors can swim and frolic in the pristine waters while enjoying the sights and sounds of the water.

Worried that there aren’t enough activities in Gambia? Well, don't worry. There are many indoor activities that tourists can enjoy and many of them are world-famous. Horseback riding, scuba diving, tennis, golf, dancing, and much more can be enjoyed.

Fishing is also very popular in Gambia and visitors can experience this activity while staying at one of the many popular tourist hotels. Here, tourists can participate in different types of fishing activities. Visitors can have their catch delivered to their homes or have it cooked and eaten themselves. The local people are very enthusiastic about this and there are even many upscale restaurants that offer this type of service to tourists.

As for entertainment, there are many things to do for tourists in Gambia. For example, some tourists would like to go scuba diving, while others would love to tour the beautiful coral reefs in the ocean. Others prefer to play golf, especially if they have a family member with them who has the ability to play the game.

Considered the smile of Africa, Gambia is a recommended destination for a vacation getaway. There are many reasons to visit this country, among them the variety of food, exotic places, and beaches. All this is possible if you start planning your trip in advance and know all the documents you need to enter this country and not have any problems with the authorities. The Gambia Health declaration is a mandatory document that you must present before traveling, where you show that you are in good health to enter the country and enjoy everything it has to offer. Start your application now with iVisa.com by filling out the form and your personal information, we will take care of the rest.

If you need assistance, you can also contact our customer service team who will be available to answer your questions and help you with any requests you may have to complete your Gambia Health Declaration form.

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