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This travel document is a mandatory health document for all residents wishing to enter Ghana. This is due to the current worldwide pandemic and to ensure Ghanaians' health status. However, this does not replace an electronic visa.

Usually, this process can be a bit complex, but thanks to, you don't have to worry about how to enter Ghana or getting your documents together before your trip. Our company offers a simple application process, a fast online payment service, and personalized attention throughout the process. In addition, we offer the health declaration form for all travelers wishing to enter Ghana.

Check out our video on how to fill out the HDF, Ghana travel information and safety when traveling to Ghana.

You can always contact our experts and ask them any questions about the travel document or travel to Ghana. In addition, we will explain everything you need to know about prices, processes, and restrictions by COVID-19, among others, on this page.

What is the Ghana Health Declaration Form?

The Health Declaration Form is a mandatory travel document that allows you to enter Ghana and enables government authorities to contact you if you have been exposed to COVID-19. This way, they can ensure that it does not spread among the citizens and increase the country's cases.

It is advisable to apply for a Ghana Health Declaration Form no more than 3 days before your departure date, but no worries you can get it with us in as fast as 4 hours if you are in a rush. This way, if you do not have an internet connection when you arrive in the country, you will be able to show it from your cell phone or print it out.

Who Needs to Apply for the Ghana Health Declaration?

All citizens must present this travel form as one of the entry requirements. There are no exceptions for any citizen, including travelers, diplomats, and airline workers. Everyone must show it at the border. Also, it doesn't matter if they work in a Ghana airport company.

See the FAQs below for more exact information, or use our Visa Checker widget on the homepage to see your country's requirements. Just, enter your origin country and the destination you plan to travel to.

How long can I stay in Ghana?

The length of stay in Ghana does not depend on the Ghanaian health form but on the country's visa, which you must have according to your residency. Usually, you can visit Ghana for 30 to 90 days, depending on what is proposed by the Ghanaian government.

What do I need to apply online for the Ghana Health Declaration Form?

You will need the following entry requirements or information to apply for the Health Declaration Form:

  • Passport details - The passport validity must be at least 6 months before the travel date.
  • COVID-19 test - Unvaccinated travelers and all passengers coming from China need to present a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours.
  • A valid email address - We will email your Health Declaration Form document.
  • Information about your health status - The form will ask you specific questions about your health and the others traveling with you. This includes travel insurance.
  • Payment - Credit and debit cards are the financial resources to pay.

Once you have uploaded all the required documents and filled out the form, you will receive confirmation of the process by email within 30 minutes of the application. If you do not find it in your inbox, it may be in your SPAM folder.

Do I need the Health Declaration if I'm transiting through Ghana?

Yes! This document is for all travelers entering the country and passing through immigration. It does not matter if you are staying in the country for tourism, business, living, or simply on a stopover to another country. However, you must present this travel document to enter the country.

How do I apply for the Ghana Health Declaration Form online?

To complete the online process with us and be able to travel to Ghana, you only need to request the Ghana online health declaration form, it can be done from anywhere. All you require is an Internet connection and an electronic device.

To process it, you will only have to provide your information and follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the application form with your personal and travel information. You will also be asked for information about your health status and COVID-19.
  • Step 2: You must choose one of our processing times according to your needs and travel budget. Then, attach the necessary documents and confirm payment. Finally, click on "send."
  • Step 3: Then just sit back and wait for the confirmation email to arrive.

If you make a mistake with any personal information and click "Accept" to finish, you will not be able to request a new form until the current process is completed. In other words, you will have to wait for it to be rejected, and you will lose a lot of time and possibly your trip. To avoid this happening you can use our services and contact one of our customer service agents to help you fix the problem.

When should I apply for my Health Declaration Form?

All travelers must complete a Ghana Health Declaration Form no more than 3 days, or at least 24 hours before departure. Our processes vary from 4 hours to 24 hours to process the travel document. This will depend on how fast you need the document delivered.

An advantage of working with is that we offer a service that allows you to apply for any travel document anywhere. The important thing is to make sure that the document is processed and completed within the mentioned time frame so that you do not have any problems with your trip to Ghana.

What are the costs and processing times of the Ghana Health Declaration?

At, we offer 3 different options for processing the Health Declaration. Prices will change depending on how quickly you need your document:

  • Standard Processing Time: - .
  • Rush Processing Time: - .
  • Super Rush Processing Time: - .

If you choose to use's online service, this service will ensure the approval of your document with less hassle and less chance of mistakes.

Traveling with minors

All children must complete the Ghana Health Declaration Form. However, if the child is traveling alone, a duly notarized and signed parental consent letter must be included. And if the child is very young, the parents can submit the documents for them at any land and sea borders.

Can I get the Health Declaration Form for free?

Yes! The health declaration form can be found free of charge on the Ghana immigration service web page. However, applying for the form and getting it ready on your own can be pretty complicated.

Many travelers have told us that using non-native language platforms can cause undue stress when you have to submit an official document without any advice. With, you can fill out the form in the language you need.

Ghana Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Do I need a negative PCR Test?

  • COVID test before arrival: Unvaccinated travelers and passengers coming from China must present a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before departure.

  • COVID test on arrival: Unvaccinated travelers and passengers coming from China must take a mandatory antigen test on arrival.

  • COVID test exemptions:  Children under 18 and fully vaccinated travelers.

Do I need a COVID-19 Vaccine to enter the country?

No. Currently, travelers do not need to show a COVID vaccine certificate to enter the country.

Since information can change rapidly, it is advisable to review the information, about the COVID test, the approved vaccines, and quarantine rules, before your trip.

Do I need to quarantine in a government health facility upon arrival?

There are no quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers to enter and travel around Ghana. However, unvaccinated travelers and travelers who test positive on arrival must undergo mandatory quarantine for 7 days in a government health facility location.

Why buy a Covid-19 self-testing kit? (US residents only)

The eMed self-test COVID-19 kit includes 6 rapid antigen tests, perfect for US citizens on round-trip journeys from the United States. Order your test kit before traveling! The Ghana immigration service allows this.

The Certified Guide will help you get results in 15 minutes on the NAVICA app. Get the eMed self-test COVID-19 kit for $150- that's only $25 per test. Get it now!

What else should I keep in mind before traveling to Ghana?

So, you may be wondering, what is the best time to travel to Ghana? According to the weather, the best months to visit are January, February, November, and December. However, if you want to visit Accra, we recommend visiting between January to May and July to December. June is not recommended due to the amount of humidity present in this city during this month.

Please consider this information when planning your visit so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

If you need to talk to one of our experts about your application or the travel document, we have a customer service team that can be contacted 24 hours a day. Or you can contact us via email at [email protected].

We are here to answer all of your questions, so please contact us, and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Required Documents to Apply

Important Instructions

  • All travelers entering Ghana, regardless of their nationality, age, or other consideration, must fill in the Health Declaration Form.

  • The Health Declaration DOES NOT replace a Visa.

If your country requires a Visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind that some nationalities will require a paper visa.

If that is the case, we suggest you contact your local Ghana embassy.

  • This electronic Health Declaration form replaces the paper-based version used previously.

  • Fully vaccinated travelers and passengers under 18 are exempted from testing requirements.

  • Unvaccinated travelers will undergo mandatory quarantine for 7 days.


Our Company is accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has a validated IATA Agency Code. If you want to check this information you can verify our membership using our bearing No. 23716873 at

Remember that the customer service team at is here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our service.

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