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How to get a Hong Kong visit visa

How to get a Hong Kong visit visa
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

If you are interested in going to Hong Kong anytime soon, you may be wondering how to get a visa. To begin with, the first thing you need to check is whether or not you need a visa. Since there are about 170 countries are visa-exempt, this means that their citizens do not require a visa to enter the region. This is accessible information and you can use Google or use iVisa’s Visa Checker to find out. Select your country of origin from the drag-down menu and Hong Kong as your destination. The information will be revealed in an instant. As to how you can get a Hong Kong visit visa should you actually need one, you can use two ways: apply for one at a Chinese embassy or through HKSAR Immigration Department.

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Getting a Hong Kong visit visa at the embassy

Even if Hong Kong is an independent region, you still need to go to the Chinese embassy to apply for a Hong Kong visit visa. However, we recommend that you give the embassy a call to inquire about what documents you need. What we can tell you is that you need a passport that is valid for another 6 months from the date of arrival in Hong Kong and a couple of photos. However, the information we and the rest of the internet can provide should always be for reference only.

Once you arrive at the embassy, you will be required to fill in an application form. The form is not difficult to complete, but you should pay attention so that all the information you provide is accurate and there are no typos. Once you are done with it, submit your application, and then wait for the request to be processed. The processing can take up to 4 weeks, so be careful how you plan your trip.

Getting a Hong Kong visit visa through HKSAR Immigration Department

The alternative to going to a Chinese embassy is to submit your application to HKSAR Immigration Department. The process may seem more convenient if you do not have a Chinese embassy close to where you live. The advantage of using this option is that you can fax most of the documents, including the application form. However, you still need to send the original application form and the photographs via air mail. Just like with the previous option, the processing takes about 4 weeks.

Special requirements for Indian citizens

One particular case is represented by Indian citizens who want to go to Hong Kong. India is a visa-exempt country, and Indians do not need to apply for a Hong Kong visit visa as long as they do not plan to stay in the region for more than 14 days. However, all Indian travelers need to apply for a pre-arrival registration before departure. If you are an Indian citizen and plan to stay in Hong Kong for more than 14 days, you need to apply at the embassy. Otherwise, just get your registration notification slip, and you are good to go. The good thing about the registration is that you can get it online, and you will receive it in as little as 15 minutes. iVisa can help you with that, so the hassle is not that great.

Getting a Hong Kong visit visa is not difficult if you indeed require one, but make sure that you make the proper inquiries before you apply. Do not let such a small detail ruin your vacation.

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