How To Get the India Business Visa

How To Get the India Business Visa

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

India is a big player in the world’s economy and it receives thousands of business people every year. If you want to trade or invest in this magical country, you’re probably wondering how to get the India business visa.

Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll tell you all about this travel document and how to get it easily and quickly, for you and your employees.

And because life cannot be all work and no play, we prepared a few travel recommendations to enjoy your time in India.

How To Get the India Business Visa - Learn all about it in our FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current COVID-19 requirements to enter India?

Within 72 hours before your trip to India, you may need to take a PCR test. The result must come back negative for you to be allowed into the plane. Upon arrival, you may be asked to quarantine for 7 days.

How To Get the India Business Visa - We created a product page that will offer you the most updated information regarding the COVID-19 restrictions to enter India. Stay tuned!

What can you tell me about the India Business Visa and the application process?

The India Business Visa is a travel permit that allows visitors to do business in India for 1 year after issued. This document grants Multiple Entry that cannot exceed 180 days in Total.

To apply for it you just need to complete these three simple steps:

  • First: Complete the form with your details, as stated in your passport, and select the processing time and fee of your preference.
  • Second: Review all the information and make sure it is correct and pick a form of payment. We accept both credit and debit cards.
  • Third: Upload all the required documents and apply.

How To Get the India Business Visa - It will take 15 minutes or less to get your India Business Visa with us.

What are the necessary documents to apply for the India Business Visa?

  • A Passport-size photo.
  • A scan of your passport information page.
  • A scan of the last page of the passport (if applicable).
  • An invitation letter from an India-based company or a scan of your business card.
  • An email address - We will send you your visa via email.
  • A payment method - We accept credit or debit cards.

How To Get the India Business Visa - Once you gather these requirements, you’ll be ready to process your India Business Visa.

How much is the India Business Visa and when would I receive it?

Depending on how fast you want to receive your India Business Visa, its price will change. These are the three options we offer:

  • Standard Processing: 5 days for USD 132.99
  • Rush Processing: 3 days for USD 192.49
  • Super Rush Processing: 2 days for USD 234.49

How To Get the India Business Visa - Choose the best processing time for you.

Can I trust

Of course! Our payment platform will protect all your information. Moreover, we have plenty of experience and the best travel experts to process any visa you need.

How To Get the India Business Visa - Head over to our user reviews section to read what our previous customers have said about our services.

I’m still not sure about my next steps. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Absolutely! You can contact our customer care agents at any time. They are available 24/7 through our chat. They’ll be able to tell you more about How To Get the India Business Visa. Recommends

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