Self Declaration Form for Air India passengers

Self Declaration Form for Air India passengers

iVisa | Updated on Aug 14, 2020

We are sure you want to visit India and explore this magical country with such a unique cultural heritage. After closing frontiers due to COVID-19, India is allowing international travelers to enter its territory. However, there are new mandatory health guidelines for all visitors.

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Air India passengers should know about the India Self-Declaration Form. This document will keep track of all international tourists entering India and providing further information to face the coronavirus pandemic.

You just need to relax because iVisa can provide you with the Self-Declaration Form. This is your chance to have a fast, simple, and 100% reliable service. Trust iVisa and have your document on time.

Keep reading about India’s new regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most important requirement to enter India during coronavirus?

From August 8th, 2020, Indian authorities are requesting a Self-Declaration Form. This is the most important requirement to enter India and it’s mandatory for all international passengers. You must start your application at least 72 hours before the travel date and by completing the form you are accepting all the new health regulations during your stay.

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Is the Indian government requesting a quarantine?

Yes, a quarantine is required upon arrival. COVID-19 is still present in India and the health authorities want to continue controlling the virus without risking the health of the Indian population and international travelers. For this reason, you must do a 14-day quarantine which compromises 7 days at an institution paid by the visitor and the next 7 days at home.

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How is the quarantine at an institution?

The Indian government has approved centers where international travelers will go through their first week of quarantine. As well, the cost of this quarantine will have to be paid by travelers. Still, if you are within a special case, you could request the entire quarantine at home. This is only possible if you relate to the next situations:

  • You are pregnant and/or have children under 10 years old.
  • You have a critical illness and/or there is a death in your family.
  • You can provide a negative coronavirus test.

In case, you are under these specific scenarios, then provide further documents to request a home quarantine. The Indian authorities will assess your case and give you a final answer.

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Do I need to provide a COVID-19 negative test?

This will depend on your decision to do an institutional quarantine upon arrival or try to have a full home quarantine. In case, you decide to request a 14-day quarantine at home, then you need to provide a COVID-19 negative test during your application. The test should be done within 96 hours before the travel date and your negative report should be from a trustable source.

Do you want further details? Contact a support agent to help you.

What documents do I need?

The Self-Declaration Form will require the following items:

  • A scan of your passport with a view of your photo and personal details.
  • An email address, that must be valid.
  • Payment, iVisa has a small price for the service which you can pay with a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.

The form will require personal information and travel details. As well, if you are thinking to require a home quarantine then provide documents to support your case, like medical reports, children’s identification, etc.

What are the processing times?

For your convenience, iVisa has designed 3 procedure times and each one with its respective price. Check out these three options that iVisa has for you:

  • Standard service, a moderate time to wait for the Self-Declaration Form.
  • Rush service, a faster option when in a rush.
  • Super Rush service, for the highest fee you get the fastest option.

Connect with the customer service team if you have some doubts.

What is the process for the Self-Declaration Form?

If you apply with us, the process will be very easy to obtain your Self-Declaration Form. Just follow these steps:

  • First, fill out the information in the online form and choose a processing time (Standard, Rush, or Super Rush).
  • Second, review your answers and select a payment option with a Paypal account or with a credit/debit card.
  • Third, attach the scan of your passport. In case you are requesting an institutional quarantine exemption, upload supporting documents.

Start applying and go to India soon!

Is there a special process during my arrival?

Yes, you will go through a thermal screening to check your temperature. As well, medical personnel will check any symptoms related to coronavirus. During this process, you should provide the Self-Declaration Form for the final entry validation. After this, you will go to the facility approved by the government to have the first week of quarantine. Then finish your quarantine at home and you are ready to visit India.

Is iVisa safe?

It’s 100% safe. All processes in the iVisa platform are safe, systems work around strict security regulations and information is carefully safeguarded. Review the comments from our clients about the great service that iVisa can offer you.

Where can I obtain more information?

Message the customer support team that is available 24/7 for any inquiries. Also, write an email to

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