Important information about the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia

Important information about the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia

iVisa | Updated on Oct 29, 2020

There is no better way to learn about life, cultures, and even new languages than by traveling. And there could be more than one hundred reasons why you would want to discover Italy, which isn’t focused only on beaches and pizza restaurants.

Italy is a destination filled with history in each of its cities, architectural structures, and brilliant people that make you feel welcomed. There is even a charm throughout the seasons. You can go for a hike or bike ride along the Italian Alps during the warm months, and then slide down the ski slopes during the winter.

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The best part about the diversity of attractions for travelers of all ages and adventure wise is that not all of Italy is expensive. Its cities also are different in this sense and can be perfect for all travel budgets.

Being able to go for a trip from Australia to Italy and other Schengen countries will soon have a traveling requirement. This new traveling document is the ETIAS, a travel authorization form needed by all visitors from visa-free countries wanting to enter the Schengen region.

It has been created, although yet to implement, with the idea of increasing border security and reducing illegal immigration. The application for an Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia will be mandatory; without this document, they can’t depart from their country.

In the following FAQs is essential information about the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia. There are also details about the ETIAS application process on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Italy ETIAS work?

The Italy ETIAS has been created by the Schengen members to increase border safety. It will also function as a pre screening process for all visitors incoming from visa-exempt countries for short periods of travel with the purpose of tourism or business. The Italy ETIAS application will be mandatory for these travelers, but they will still have multiple entries access to the entire Schengen region.

Must all citizens from Australia request an Italian ETIAS?

Travelers of all ages from visa-exempt countries wanting to enter the Schengen region must apply for the Italy ETIAS no matter the age. The visitors under the age of 18 or older 70 might get to pay a different fee for the same process.

Which destinations are accessible with an Italian ETIAS?

Because the Italy ETIAS is a travel authorization created by the Schengen members, it will only allow the traveler access to all Schengen countries. Travelers while applying for the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia, will be granted multiple entries access to the entire Schengen region during the validity of their document.

Which is the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia validity?

The Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia's validity is determined on the information you provide on the ETIAS application form. It will most possibly be given for the duration of your trip or a maximum of 3 years. The only limitation the traveler has during this time is that they can’t stay more than 90 days every 180 days in one or more Schengen countries.

Which are the main documents I need to apply for the Italy ETIAS?

The Italy ETIAS by being a pre screening process, is more interested in facts and details of the travelers' previous journey than a lot of paperwork. That is why getting the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia only requires the following documents:

  • Valid passport and scanned copy: you will have to provide the information on your passport for the application and might need to give a scanned version of it for authorities to verify your details.
  • Your email address: will be needed so that the applicant receives the ETIAS results as soon as available.
  • Method of payment: it can be a PayPal account or a debit/credit card to make the fee payment.

Which are the Italy ETIAS application steps for citizens of Australia?

The Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia is a straightforward process for all applicants and requires only a few documents to finalize. To get the option of selecting how fast you need the results to be delivered, you can apply with The website allows you to get your documents more quickly by following three simple steps.

Here are the steps to follow for your application:

  • First, you must fill out the application form with your personal data, and select the processing option you prefer.

    • Standard processing option - it’s the most affordable option to getting your ETIAS results delivered in a reasonable amount of time.
    • Rush processing option - this is a slightly more expensive choice but will deliver the ETIAS results faster than the standard method.
    • Super rush processing option - it’s the fastest option to getting your ETIAS results delivered for a higher cost.
  • Then, revise that the provided details are valid and correct, as well as proceed to make online payment.

  • The last step is for you to attach any required document throughout the application and submit the document for revision.

How safe are my details when applying for ETIAS with

Because of the numerous cyber threats that are continually appearing on the news, has ensured that their website and database are protected by a reliable security system. With this, the users can proceed with their Italy ETIAS application process, knowing that their personal information will not suffer any phishing. You can read some statements from our clients here.

Who can help me solve other questions I have about the Italy ETIAS?

If you have any specific questions about the Italy ETIAS for citizens of Australia, you can reach our customer service team with an online chat message or email message. One can also browse through the website for additional information about the ETIAS process.

To start creating your Italy travel schedule, you should read all details about the ETIAS application.

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