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IVORY COAST IS OPEN- Ivory Coast re-opened to tourists in September 2021.

The Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration is a recently launched form that all visitors, including travelers in transit, must complete before traveling to the Ivory Coast. This form will help the health authorities to have better control of foreign entry through the ports of entry.

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Travelers departing, arriving, and in transit in the Ivory Coast must apply for this document.

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If you want to apply for the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration, you’ll have to provide some basic information about your health status and your travel to this country. Also, if you are not fully vaccinated, you must have a printed negative COVID‑19 PCR test certificate dated back no more than three days from the date of collection.

Go to our application page to complete the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration.

Once you finish the application form, we’ll forward the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration to your email before your travel. The form must be printed and presented to the health authorities on arrival. Keep in mind that this form must be presented at Abidjan Airport as it is a mandatory requirement for travel from, to, and through the Ivory Coast.

Check the FAQs below to view quarantine rules for the Ivory Coast.

Required Documents to Apply
  • None

Important Instructions
  • Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration is part of the required documents you will need to enter Ivory Coast. It DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter Ivory Coast. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • Unvaccinated passengers aged 11 years and older are required to present a negative Covid-19 PCR test result tested within three days before departure.

  • Passengers entering Ivory Coast must hold a printed Air Travel Declaration prior to departure to Ivory Coast. This can be accessed here.

  • You will be advised to self-isolate in your own accommodation for 14 days on arrival in Ivory Coast.

  • Country requirement at entry: a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for all travellers aged 9 months or over.

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No, you don't. As of today, COVID vaccination passports or certificates are not mandatory to enter Ivory Coast. Now, if you're a fully vaccinated traveler, you will be exempted from testing requirements.

Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Ivory Coast travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

  • COVID test prior to arrival: PCR within 72 hours.
  • COVID test upon arrival: Rapid antigen test.
  • COVID test exemptions: Children under 12 and fully vaccinated travelers.
Quarantine requirements: 14 days self-isolation is recommended

The Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration is a new travel document that all travelers must fill out before entering to the Ivory Coast. This way, the health authorities will be able to track you easily in case of any emergency. Start your application here.

The Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration DOES NOT replace a visa. Therefore, if you need a visa to visit the Ivory Coast, the immigration officers will ask for it once you arrive in the country. If you have to get a paper visa, we recommend you go to the nearest embassy.

Yes, it is. All visitors arriving in the Ivory Coast will have to fill in the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration before crossing the border, including passengers in the transit area.

Get your Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration here.

Yes, any foreign traveler entering the Ivory Coast must apply for this document. However, don’t forget that children under the age of 12 don’t need other requirements like the COVID-19 PCR test. Get started on applying for the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration.
The price for the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration will vary depending on how fast you want to get it with
  • Standard Processing Time: 24 hours - USD 51.49.
  • Rush Processing Time: 8 hours - USD 83.99.
  • Super Rush Processing Time: 4 hours - USD 117.99.

Feel free to apply for this travel declaration at any time, but we suggest you apply for it at least 24 hours before your trip to the Ivory Coast. We remind you that our team will always start processing this document when the time is right so that it can remain valid for your entire journey.

Get your travel paper now and forget about having to check if you’re qualified to apply.

To obtain your Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration on time, you’ll have to complete an online application form. This form is available at After you finish it, our team will prepare the application and send the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration to your email.
Applying will take you no more than 15 minutes.
You can use the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration only once. If you have to leave the country and enter again, you’ll have to apply for a new one.
Yes, the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration tends to be available for free. Nevertheless, applying for this document with and having it on hand before your trip to the Ivory Coast is a great idea to save yourself much time. Also, keep in mind that at you can fill in the online application form in any language you prefer, and our team of professionals will always ensure that your application doesn’t have any issues.
Yes, feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer service center is always ready to help you. Chat with them now.
You can learn more about the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration here.

Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d'Ivoire, is a West African country popular for its beach resorts, its rainforests, and a French colonial legacy. This country has Abidjan, the largest urban center in the country, which is located on the Atlantic coast. Its modern landmarks include The Pyramid, which looks like a ziggurat pyramid, and St. Paul's Cathedral, a structure tied to a giant cross. To the north of the business, you can find the is Banco national park, a famous jungle reserve with trails for hiking.

This African country also has a great variety of savannas and jungles, which makes it suitable for having several national parks that you can visit with professional guides. These parks are the main tourist attraction in the country, along with the beach resorts and other interesting historical points that you can find both in its capital and other cities.

It should be noted that the Ivory Coast has great cultural diversity, especially because it is bordered by other African countries like Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Liberia. That’s why you can also appreciate a multitude of ethnic groups, festivals and social events focused on music and art. There are more than sixty indigenous ethnic groups in the Ivory Coast, so you can be sure that the cultural diversity here is a great plus.

The capital of the Ivory Coast is Yamoussoukro, and it is located next to the Kossou Lake, an artificial reservoir built on the Bandama River. Since this place is located on a plain, you’ll be able to notice a tree savanna around it, which is crossed by watercourses, among which are the Marahoué and the N'Zi, two tributaries of the Bandama.

Yamoussoukro only has an equatorial climate that varies between dry and rainy days. While this may be somewhat uncomfortable if you can't stand the heat, it's a bearable climate if you have the right clothes. Besides, thanks to this climate you can enjoy the savannahs and vegetation that are around the city.

In Yamoussoukro, you can easily locate the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro, which is perhaps the most important tourist spot in the city. This Catholic temple was built in the image of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, and it is also considered one of the largest Catholic churches in the world. It should be noted that despite its size and monumentality, the Basilica is not a cathedral, since the nearby Cathedral of Saint Augustine is the main place of worship in the city and the seat of the bishop of the diocese of Yamoussoukro.

Even so, this place is still a mandatory stop when you travel to the Ivory Coast, especially for its architectural beauty. It is not difficult to enter the basilica, but it is always important to ask the guides or nearby officials about any details so that you can avoid any misunderstandings during your visit.

Near the capital city, you can also tour the famous Abokouamekro Game Reserve. This is a protected area established in 1993. Since then, this fauna reserve covers at least 135 km2 (52 sq mi). It is home to many animals that are currently endangered in the Ivory Coast, which is why the current visits are always very well-planned so that the travelers don’t create any damage to the environment or the animals in the place.

It’s important to note that the Ivory Coast’s parks and reserves are very popular, and that’s why this country focuses its tourism in these places. For that reason, it is not difficult to find more than one national park, and keep in mind that each of these parks has a special charm.

The first park you should visit is the Tai National Park, located in the southwest of Ivory Coast, near the border with Guinea and Liberia. This park was created in 1972 and since then it has received thousands and thousands of visits annually, mainly because it is one of the last intact primary forests in Africa, at least within the western Guinean lowland jungle. In this park, you can find several species in danger of extinction in West Africa: the pygmy hippopotamus, Jentink's cephalophus, the gray mangabey, the chimpanzee, the bonobo, etc. It is also home to numerous plant species and it is an important center for scientific and pharmaceutical research.

Other parks that you cannot miss when while staying in Ivory Coast are Comoé National Park, Banco National Park, Azagny National Park, and Ehotilé Islands National Park. The latter has an archipelago of six islands located in the estuarine area, so it is a very relaxing stop.

It is difficult to get bored in Ivory Coast due to the wide variety of natural places it has. It is a fascinating country for adventurers and nature lovers to the fullest, so you cannot miss it if you want to know an important part of Africa.

To enter this country, you must take into account some requirements, especially when we talk about travel documents. Some countries require an e-Visa or a paper visa, but they are few compared to those that have an easier entry thanks to the country's visa policy. For this reason, it will almost always be necessary to have nothing else but the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration, since this permit allows the authorities to have a better record of those who enter from abroad.

Processing the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration is not complicated, as you obtain this document electronically by filling out an application form. The Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration is mandatory for all foreign travelers, although keep in mind that this is not a replacement for the visa. That means that if you require a visa to enter the Ivory Coast, you will have to process it separately.

The Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration also has a much more affordable price than other documents, so it won’t be the main inconvenience for your travel plans. Also, if you apply for the Ivory Coast Air Travel Declaration with, you can have it ready in no time.