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Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens

Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens
iVisa | Updated on Jan 05, 2023

Please note that all travelers coming from China will be tested on arrival.

Japan is about to become one of the many countries whose visa policy includes an electronic visa system. At the moment, there are 66 nationalities that do not require a visa to enter Japan, but all others must apply for one at the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission. However, Chinese citizens will soon be the first nationality that can apply for a Japan eVisa.


Japan is making tremendous efforts to enhance tourism, and one of the most efficient methods is to start issuing electronic visas. After all, people are more likely to visit if the visa application process does not take a lot of time and energy. And since more than half of the tourists that arrive in Japan every single year are Chinese, the Japanese government decided to provide eVisas for them first.

At the moment, we do not know very much about the Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens. What we do know is that the visa is supposed to go live in April 2020. There is still time to sort out the details, but not much has been released to the public. There is some information going around that the Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens will be a single-entry visa and will allow its holder to stay in Japan for a maximum of 30 days. Again, this information is not reliable, and we must wait for the Japanese government to release more details.

How do we know that Japan will actually release the Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens, as well as for other nationalities, by April 2020? Because the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020 will be held in Tokyo, and more than 2 million tourists are expected to attend the event. Not all of them are from visa-exempt countries, meaning that the diplomatic missions will have their hands full. It would be far less time-consuming for the attendees to apply for a Japan eVisa online rather than going to the Japanese embassy.

While we do not know much about the Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens at the moment, we can assure you that iVisa is preparing to provide an effortless online application process. That way, you will be able to get the travel document you need in no time.

The requirements for a Japan e-Visa for Chinese citizens are not yet defined, but we do know that you will need a valid passport. In fact, all electronic visas are issued on the basis of a passport.

The bottom line is that the Japan e-Visa will be available for Chinese citizens first, but more nationalities will shortly follow. We cannot know for sure which those will be, but we are soon to find out. In the meantime, iVisa is not sparing any effort in preparing for when the eVisa goes live. Our purpose is to make the visa application process as accessible as possible.

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