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The Jordan Pass | El Salvador Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Jul 25, 2022

Travelers: If you are from El Salvador and want to go to Jordan, you should think about the different types of travel documents that give you maximum benefits and that will save you money. Luckily, the Jordan Pass was created by the Jordan government to give foreign nationals the chance to visit over 30 historical sites for free. Also, the Jordan Pass is accepted by customs officials as a way to enter Jordan without needing a visa.


Questions & Answers | The Jordan Pass vs a Visa

What’s the amount of time I can spend in Jordan with the Pass?

The max stay with a Jordan Pass will be 30 days Per Entry.

Can I get through ports-of-entry with a Jordan Pass like a visa?

Yes, it will allow you to enter Jordan, but it is not actually a visa. You must stay three nights at a minimum in order to avoid extra fees like paying for a visa.

What documents do I need for the application and check-in process?

Your passport needs 6 months’ validity from the arrival date, and we will need either PayPal information or credit card information to complete the purchase of your Pass application.

What’s the total cost of getting a Pass for Jordan?

Depending on how fast you need the Pass, there are different costs:

  • Standard - USD $176.99
  • Rush - USD $227.99
  • Super Rush - USD $284.99

How long do I have before my Jordan Pass expires?

It will expire in 1 year after issued.

Use the Jordan Pass before the pass expires. So plan your trip around the expiration date.

Visa or Pass? Which one should I get?

Visas are a hassle and only get you through the border customs. A Jordan Pass has the added benefit of allowing you through the gates of many tour sites for free.

What types of processing speed selections do I have? How much are they?

When applying for the Jordan Pass, you will need to choose which speed you want us to process your application:

  • Standard Processing is ready 3 days to process.
  • Rush Processing will take at most 2 days to complete your application review.
  • Super Rush Processing which will speed your application review and have it in your hands within 24 hours.

Does a visa allow me free entry into 30+ tourist sites?

No. Only with the Jordan Pass do you get free entry.

How many times can I go through customs with a Jordan Pass?

The Jordan Pass allows Single Entry into the country.

Once initially scanned, how long is the Pass good for?

The initial scan starts a two-week period you will have left to utilize the Jordan Pass at tourist spots.

Residents of El Salvador - Your Jordan Pass Application Online

Don’t wait. Go ahead and fill out the application now so you are one step closer to not only entering Jordan, but also exploring the depths of its majesty and wonder. Thousands of tourists have used our proprietary application process and have been very pleased with how fast and easy the process is.

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