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Morocco Visa for Citizens of South Africa

Morocco Visa for Citizens of South Africa
iVisa | Updated on Oct 04, 2022

Africa has so many cultures and attractions that you can find completely different traditions from South to North. Have you ever considered visiting Morocco? Exploring this country can be a fantastic experience for South Africans. But be aware that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Moroccan government requires a valid visa to enter the territory.

Meanwhile, the process is quite simple. South African passport holders who need a visa don't need an appointment in a Morocco embassy or consulate to submit the visa form. Instead, they can get the entry stamp through a visa application online and receive the document via email.

To visit Morocco is even easier if you can count on iVisa services to apply for tourist visas. Our team prepared a form that takes only a few minutes to complete. Then, submit the visa application form; we will do the hard work while you plan your travel itinerary!

But note that the tourist visa can only be used for tourism purposes. Therefore, you should consult the nearest embassy for a Morocco work visa, a Morocco student visa, or a Morocco transit visa.

Read more about visa applications, all the required documents, how to fill out the electronic authorization, visa fees, travel tips, and everything you need to know for this trip.

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Morocco Tourist Visa for South Africa

But what is the Morocco Tourist Visa, and how can I apply for the visa application form? Well, you'll see that there's no mystery. Actually, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs developed the electronic Morocco tourist visa to facilitate application. This means travelers don't need an appointment at the nearest Moroccan embassy or consulate to get their visa. Once South African passport holders have the documents required, they fill out the form online, pay the visa processing fee and then receive the visa by email.

iVisa is here to help you through this entire process. You can fill out the application form in a few clicks, and our team will do the rest. If you have any problems with the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs' requirements, we'll notify you and help you get everything you need for a successful application.

The South African passport holders with the tourist visa can stay in Morocco for 30 days Per Entry from the arrival date. It's necessary to enter the country within 180 days after issued.

Notice that this is a Single Entry visa, so if you want to travel to Morocco again, you must apply for a new visa following all travel regulations.

When traveling with minors, be sure they also meet the entry requirements and required documentation, such as a visa and a valid passport. Parents or legal guardians can apply for the travel document for children not old enough to apply on their own.

Morocco Visa Application for South Africa: Step by Step

iVisa prepared an application form you can fill out in a few steps. Check the following instructions:

  • First: You must complete the form to enter Morocco with your personal details and travel information. Then, choose the processing time according to your needs.
  • Second: You will make the visa fee payment through a debit or credit card. It's essential to check that all the information entered is correct before applying.
  • Third: Upload any additional documents and submit the application. The iVisa team will process your visa and update you if any issues arise.

Once your process is approved, you will receive the visa to travel to Morocco in your email inbox.

Morocco Visa Requirements and documents for South African Citizens

You'll need some visa requirements to fill out the application. Be sure you have with you the following documents:

  • Original passport: The passport must be valid for at least six months.

  • Invitation letter: You can get it from the Moroccan Migration Service. You have to provide the invitation number in your e-Visa application form. A cover letter explaining the reason for the trip must also be submitted.

  • Proof of sufficient funds: Provide proof of funds for the trip's financial expenses, such as a bank statement.

  • Travel insurance: Medical insurance covering medical treatment is required.

  • Email address: An email address to receive the visa or if any issues arise during processing.

  • Payment method: You can pay the fee for the Morocco visa application process with a debit or credit card.

After submitting the application form for the Morocco visa, the governmental authority sometimes asks for support documents, like a flight reservation, marriage certificate, or a legal residence permit. The iVisa team will support you through the process and let you know if you need to send any other requirements.

Cost of Morocco Tourist Visa for Citizens of South Africa

South African passport holders have three processing alternatives for the visa to travel to Morocco. You can choose the processing time and price that best suits your needs. These are as follows:

  • Standard Processing Time: 5 Business Days - USD $140.99.

  • Rush Processing Time: 4 Business Days - USD $192.99.

  • Super Rush Processing Time: 3 Business Days - USD $250.99.

Morocco Visa for South Africans Processing Time

South Africans can select among three options of processing time for the Moroccan visa: Standard (5 Business Days), Rush (4 Business Days), and Super Rush (3 Business Days). Check out the prices above for each of them.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, countries had to adapt to make travel safe again. Morocco's government developed the Health Passenger Form as a measure to track passengers and have health status data about everyone entering the country.

This document is mandatory to visit the country, but the application is also online and takes only a few minutes. You'll receive the Health Form in your email and then print it to present it to local authorities on arrival.

The COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory for passengers entering Morocco, but unvaccinated people must present a negative PCR test result taken less than 72 hours before departure. On the other hand, fully vaccinated travelers (up to date with the COVID-19 vaccine doses) are exempt from COVID testing.

Travelers of 12 years or younger are exempt from testing and vaccination requirements, as well as those who are transiting at the airport.

Morocco: What to visit

Once South African passport holders have a visa for Morocco, they can explore this amazing country! So let's talk about the travel itinerary. It has many attractions, and you can find vivid cities or very calm beaches. No matter the Moroccan destination, it will be a trip to remember.

Check out some places that you should visit:


This is a fantastic beach bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It's an excellent destination for travelers who want to enjoy calm days at the seaside, but in a village with good infrastructure for tourists. Since it was one of the Game of Thrones locations, fans usually include Essaouira on their itinerary when visiting Morocco.

The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is one of the great attractions in Morocco and is a short distance from Marrakesh. The desert safaris or camel caravans are splendid options for exploring the region. The sunset or the sky full of bright stars at night are natural spectacles worth seeing.


Rabat,the capital of Morocco, has an outstanding infrastructure for hotels and restaurants. Beaches can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the season. Save time to visit the old town and the medina.

I still have questions about applying for a Morocco Visa. Where can I find more information?

If you have more questions about how to apply for this visa or any other travel document, don't hesitate to contact our support team. They will help you whenever you need them. You can also send them a message to [email protected] if you prefer.

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