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Morocco Visa Policy

Morocco Visa Policy
iVisa | Updated on Sep 17, 2021

Visa Policy for Morocco

Morocco Visa Policy are the rules that travelers from foreign countries who want to visit Morocco need to follow to enter the country. A visa is required by them to enter the country. A visa is an authorized document that is mostly either glued or stamped to the passport of an individual and this gives the individual the authority to enter, live in, and officially leave the country.

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The Morocco Visa policy is followed by people all around the world if they want to enter the country of Morocco. All the people who do not belong to Morocco need to hold a proper legal visa to visit Morocco. However, several countries do not need to get a visa to enter the country.

The requirement of a visa for visiting the country of Morocco differs from person to person belonging to different nations. These rules are followed according to the Morocco Visa Policy. The visa requirements also depend on other factors like the traveler's intention of visiting the country and the duration for which they are going to remain in the country.

Morocco Visa Policy provides travelers from different countries with several types of visas but the two most famous ones are the business visa and the tourist visa. However, for both of these purposes, travelers need to acquire a visa.

According to the Morocco Visa Policy, visitors who wish to visit Morocco must obtain their visa from any Morocco Embassy near them so that they might be provided with a consular visa that will help them to enter the country. Nationalists from several countries need to have a visa or else they might not be able to enter the country of Morocco.

At the moment 72 countries in the world do not need a visa to enter the country of Morocco. They can stay in the country for 90 days or 3 months with just their passport. People belonging to countries like Hong Kong and Singapore can live in the country without a visa for a maximum period of 30 days.

In the section below, you will be guided through the Morocco Visa Policy in detail. You will come to know about the various ways in which you can apply for a visa and for how long a person holding a tourist or a business visa can stay in the country of Morocco.

Tourist Visa Policy for Morocco

Foreigners who wish to visit the country of Morocco need to acquire a visa via various options that depend on the country that they belong to. There are two kinds of visas, in particular, the business visa and the tourist visa. These can be obtained by either an online application known as the eVisa or ETA which stands for Electronic Travel Authorization or by an offline method where one has to visit the Morocco Embassy or diplomatic mission in their country to receive one. Around 72 countries do not need a visa to enter the country of Morocco and stay there for 90 days.

The Morocco Visa Policy does not have a Visa on arrival- VOA available to any country. All countries need to obtain a visa for Morocco before traveling to the country. Travelers who belong to visa-exempt countries do not need to obtain a visa before they visit Morocco.

Travelers who hold a tourist visa to visit the country of Morocco can stay in the country for up to 90 days. They can extend their period of say if necessary. Travelers who are holding a business visa too can stay in the country for 90 days. Both of these visa holders are provided with a single entry in the country.

The Morocco Visa policy states that to apply for a visa that will grant the traveler access to enter the country, a person has to fill a form and attach all the required documents to it. The documents that need to be attached to the form are a passport image, four passport-size photos with a neutral expression, proof of accommodation, a return flight ticket, proof of your financial means, travel health insurance, and proof of paid Morocco fees.

Travelers might fail to attain a visa if they fail to show proof of these documents.

Morocco eVisa

To receive an eVisa for Morocco, a person who wants to travel to the country needs to fill up an online form by following very easy steps. The form hardly takes a lot of time to fill up. The person who wants to attain the visa needs to upload a picture of their passport and a fee has to be paid in real-time online. For any type of visa whether business or tourist, a person can opt for eVisa.

A valid email id needs to be provided in the form so that the eVisa can be sent to the person via mail. This is an online document and will be sent only via email. With an eVisa, a tourist, and a business traveler, both can stay in Morocco for 90 days.

Morocco Visa

The Visa on arrival service is not available in Morocco. Hence, people who wish to visit the country need to acquire a visa from the Embassy of Morocco in their country. The application process might change depending on an individual’s nationality and the Moroccan representative office.

However, the steps can be summed in a few easy steps. First, an individual needs to make an appointment at the Morocco diplomatic mission or embassy in their country. Then they need to visit the embassy and fill up a visa application form and attach the required documents to the form. The form needs to be submitted at the embassy and after the processing of the Morocco visa, the individual will receive their visa with which they can visit the country.

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