Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France
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For French people, there’s the chance of applying for a Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival very soon because Nigeria will enable the use of electronic visas for tourist travels.

The good thing about this document is that it’ll be available online, so you’ll be able to have it by completing an online form and getting a final approval at the airport. Plus, you can apply in no time at

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No visits to the consulate or long lines at the airport will be required because everything is automated and quick.

To know more information about the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France, consider reading the following questions.

Obtain the Nigeria Tourist e-Visa on arrival for Citizens of France with

  • Go to the application webpage here.
  • Complete the online form with basic information about yourself.
  • Choose a processing speed according to how fast you want your eVisa.
  • Wait for the approval and review by our agents.
  • You’ll get the approval by email. Print it and take it with you when traveling.
  • Show the approved document to the officers at the airport to get the actual eVisa on Arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival?

It’s an online visa that allows you to enter Nigeria for tourism purposes. To get it, you have to complete an online form and wait for the approved letter by email. After that, you have to go to Nigeria with the approved letter to receive the actual eVisa (hence its name as “eVisa on Arrival”).

What items are necessary to get the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France?

To see what documents you need to apply for this document read the shortlist below:

  • A Passport with a valid expiration date.
  • An Email Address to receive all the information about the eVisa.
  • Valid payment alternative, this can be a Paypal account or a credit/debit card.

Get the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of Philippines here

What are the prices and the processing times?

The Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France has a price that varies depending on how quickly you want to get it. By using, you can select one of the following options:

  • Standard Processing: If you prefer the least expensive option.
  • Rush Processing: With this processing speed you’ll get your eVisa in less time but must pay more.
  • Super Rush Processing: By choosing this processing time, you’ll wait for less time but the price is the highest.

Apply for the eVisa here.

How can I apply for the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival?

Applying for this document is simple if you follow these steps:

  • Step one, fill in the application form with some private details, and don’t forget to choose a processing speed.
  • Step two, pay for the eVisa only after you review the information you wrote so that there are no mistakes.
  • Step three, add the items needed to the form to complete the process. Click on ‘submit’ to send the application request.

After that, you’ll receive the approved document by email, but don’t forget to print it and take it with you to get the actual eVisa after you arrive in Nigeria.

To get personal assistance while applying, contact us.

Apply for the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France here

Is it safe to apply for an eVisa by using

At we act very thoughtfully to avoid risking any data in our database, so you can feel secure using our platform. Also, we are always honest about what we provide and about prices to avoid misinterpretations.

For that reason, we have gotten many good reviews, and you can see them here.

Where can I learn more about the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France?

Check other questions about the Nigeria Tourist eVisa on Arrival for Citizens of France on this page.

Also, feel free to contact us if you prefer more personalized assistance. Recommends

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