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Do I have to print the Oman visa?

Do I have to print the Oman visa?
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

When you apply for an Oman visa online, you will receive your document via e-mail in PDF format. While the visa is linked to your passport electronically, you still need to print out a copy to show at the immigration once you arrive in Oman. We recommend that you print out not just one but several copies and put them in different bags just in case you happen to lose your luggage. That way you can be sure that you always have a spare copy (or multiple).

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How to obtain an Oman visa online?

In order to obtain your document, you need to apply. But do not worry, iVisa can help you apply online so that you can avoid an embassy altogether. First of all, you need to make sure that you are eligible for an Oman electronic visa. To do that, use iVisa’s Visa Checker. Once you find out that you qualify for the document, make sure that you have everything you need to get started. Here is what you need at hand:

  • Passport – all applicants need to have a passport that remains valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Oman.

  • A passport scan – the information page is the most important

  • A digital photo of yourself – make sure that it is taken in the last 6 months.

  • E-mail address – when you apply with iVisa, you will receive the visa via e-mail, so make sure that you introduce a valid and correct e-mail address.

  • Means of payment – iVisa accepts multiple methods of payment such as credit/debit cards, Paypal, Alipay, or WeChat.

  • Valid visa or residence permit – some people require a valid visa or a residence permit issued by the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, or Australia.

The application form is short and concise. You should not spend more than 15 minutes on it, and iVisa has a fantastic support service should you need some help. The service is free of charge, and you can call day or night.

There are three steps you need to go through. The first one consists of personal information and details about your trip. You must also select a processing time and a visa type. Both of them determine the cost of your Oman visa. Concerning the former, you have three options:

  • Standard processing – your visa application is processed within 72 hours, and the price is $82.

  • Rush processing – you will receive your visa within 48 hours, and the fee is $132.

  • Super rush processing – this is the fastest option. You will get your Oman e-visa in just 12 hours, but you will be charged $162.

The prices above are for the single-entry, 30-day visa. The multiple-entry visa costs $78 more for each processing times, while people with a GCC residence permit must pay only $43, $93, or $123 respectively.

The second step will require you to make the payment and revise your application. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate and avoid making typos. Something like that can make you repeat the process.

Lastly, you need to upload some documents, but not everyone needs to upload the same thing. iVisa will let you know what you need to provide on a case-by-case basis. Once you complete the steps, you can hit the submit button and then wait for the visa to arrive via e-mail in PDF format.

The bottom line is that you are required to print the Oman visa only when you apply online. Embassies do not send you your visa that way. They usually use couriers or postal services. The point is that only the online application process is this convenient.

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