Paraguay Passport/Visa Photo Requirements and Size
iVisa | Updated on May 12, 2021

Do you plan on traveling outside Paraguay? Then you most likely need to obtain a Paraguay passport. The application process is not too complicated, although you need to meet a few requirements. Among those requirements, you will find 2 passport photos, and that is something iVisa Photos can help you with. Take your picture at home, and we will make sure that you have government-compliant pictures.

When you travel internationally, you may also need a visa too. It depends on your destination. However, you may be eligible for an electronic visa, in which case we advise you to access our website and find out. iVisa’s online visa application process is fast and straightforward.

Photo specs

The general Paraguay passport photo requirements are listed down below:

  • Required photo size: 4.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width
  • Colored pictures are necessary. Not black and white.
  • Head position: your head straight must be straight
  • Must not be older than 6 months
  • Background: white
  • Smile: no
  • Eyes: clearly visible
  • Blurry photos are rejected
  • Glasses: acceptable under certain conditions
  • Headwear: not allowed. Exceptions are made for religious purposes
  • Resolution (pixels): at least 600 dpi
  • Dress code: clothes must be in contrast with the background. Do not wear white tops
  • Beard: allowed if it represents your everyday likeness
  • Number of photos necessary: 2

Paraguay Passport Photo Size Requirements Guide

paraguay passport photo requirement and size

Paraguay Passport Photos and Visa Photo Requirements – Rules, Guidelines, and Specifications

Taking your passport photo or visa photo at home is more convenient than going to a photo studio. Still, you have to remember that there are rules and guidelines in place that will help you achieve an adequate picture. We listed them below.

  • When you are ready to take your picture, position yourself against a white wall because the background must be white. It is okay if you do not have white walls in your house. You can just as easily take a white sheet and hang it somewhere. The whole point is for your photo to have a white background. It is of little matter what is made of. Patterns and shadows are not allowed.
  • The light must not be too bright or too dark. Plus, make sure that you use a frontal light source so that you do not end up with shadows on your face.
  • When you take your passport photo or your visa photo, you must keep your head straight and your face forward. Do not take a picture from one side because portrait-style photos are not acceptable.
  • You cannot smile in your passport photo. Nor can you frown or raise your brows. The only allowed facial expression is neutral.
  • In your passport photo or visa photo, your eyes must be clearly visible. In case you wear prescription glasses, you can keep them on only if their frames are clear, and there is no glare in the picture. As you can imagine, you cannot appear in your passport photo wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses with tinted lenses.
  • As a rule, you cannot appear with your head covered in your passport photo or visa photo. However, if you cover your head for religious purposes, nobody will make you remove your headwear. What you should know, though, is that your face still needs to be visible from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead. The headwear should not cast shadows on your face, either.
  • If your beard a part of your usual appearance? Then you do not have to shave it before you take your passport photo or visa photo.

Rules and Requirements for Babies, Infants, and Newborn Passport and Visa Photos

Were you aware of the fact that children must hold their own passports and visas? So, if you want to take them with you on your trip, you must get them. With iVisa Photos, you can take their pictures at home too. iVisa Photos has a few rules and tips for you.

  • Children’s eyes must be visible as well in their passport photos or visa photos, which is why you must photograph them when they are awake.
  • You must remove your baby’s pacifier and headwear when you take his/her photo.
  • Only the baby can appear in the passport photo or visa photo. If you want to hold him/her, make sure that your hands are not in the shot.
  • Photographing your infant while he/she lays on his/her back is a good idea. You just have to place a white sheet underneath to achieve a white background.
  • Some people choose to photograph their child in a car seat because it is more comfortable. When doing so, remember to cover the backrest of the chair with a white cloth.

Price and Cost

Getting your passport photo or visa photos online with iVisa Photos is as cheap as it can be. In fact, it’s a lot cheaper than going to a professional photo studio. For a Paraguay passport, you will need 2 passport photos, and iVisa Photos can provide them to you at the incredibly low price of $5.99. That is approximately 38,782 PYG, depending on the exchange rate on the day of your purchase.

How to get Paraguay Passport Photos or Paraguay Visa Photos Online?

Now that you have the information you need, we will tell you what it means to get your passport photos or visa photos online. The process is not at all challenging. All you need is a decent camera.

Remember that when you take your picture, you must follow the rules and guidelines we discussed above. Failing to do so will result in an inadequate passport photo. Once you have a picture you like, submit it to iVisa Photos for processing. We will make sure that you end up with a government-compliant passport photo.

After iVisa Photos processes the image you send, you will be presented with two options:

  • 1.You can download the image to print it yourself.
  • 2.If you give us an address, iVisa Photos will send the photos to you.

For further information, feel free to contact iVisa Photos customer support service.


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