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Venezuela Passport/Visa Photo Requirements and Size

Venezuela Passport/Visa Photo Requirements and Size
iVisa | Updated on Mar 14, 2023

When you want to apply for a Venezuela passport, there are a few steps you have to go through. One of them includes putting together some documents that you need to take with you when you go to the issuing authority. Among those documents, you will see that there are 2 passport photos. Typically, people go to a professional photo studio to get them. However, we suggest another solution, and that is to obtain your pictures with iVisa Photos’ help. It’s cheap and less time-consuming.

Since you need a passport, it is safe to assume that you want to travel abroad. In that case, you may need a visa as well, in which case we recommend that you take a look at what our website has to offer. It can help you find out if you qualify for an electronic visa. If you do, iVisa facilitates the online application process.

Photo specs

  • Required photo size: 2 by 2 inches
  • The submitted photos must be in color
  • Head position: straight
  • Recency: taken no more than 6 months ago
  • Background: white
  • Smile: no
  • Eyes: must be clearly visible
  • Blurred pictures will be rejected
  • Glasses: acceptable only if they do not obscure the eyes and there is no glare in the photo
  • Headwear: not allowed. Exceptions are made for religious/cultural purposes
  • Resolution (pixels): at least 600 dpi
  • Dress code: the colors of your clothes must be in contrast with the background. Do not wear white tops
  • Beard: permitted if it represents your everyday appearance
  • Number of photos necessary: 2

Venezuela Passport Photo Size Requirements Guide

venezuela passport photo requirement and size

Venezuela Passport Photos and Visa Photo Requirements – Rules, Guidelines, and Specifications

Now, taking your passport photo or visa photo at home is not the same as taking a selfie. It may be similar, but in this case, there are a few rules you have to keep in mind. Below, you will read about everything you need to know in the process of taking your own passport photo.

  • In most cases, such as this one, the background of the photo must be white. To achieve that, all you have to do is to take your picture against a white wall. If such a wall is not accessible to you, you can take a white sheet and hang it on a wall. Just choose one that is not see-through. The point is that the background must not contain colors, patterns, nor shadows.
  • The light is of the essence as well. First of all, make sure that the light is located in front of you when you take the photo. That eliminates the possibility of having shadows on your face. Also, you should make sure that the intensity of the light is not too high or too low.
  • In the picture, your head must appear straight and facing the camera. Bear in mind that portrait-style photos are rejected because both sides of your face must be equally visible.
  • Smiling is not an option in your passport photo or visa photo. Neither is any facial expression. The only permitted expression you can display is neutral.
  • You cannot submit a passport photo or visa photo in which your eyes are obscured. If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you should take them off to avoid flash reflection. As you can probably imagine, sunglasses and glasses with tinted lenses are not allowed, either.
  • As a general rule, you cannot cover your head with anything when you take your passport photo or visa photo. However, headwear is permitted for religious purposes. But even then, your face must be visible from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. Also, your headwear must not create shadows on your face.
  • If your regular appearance includes a beard, you are not compelled to shave it before you take your passport photo or visa photo.

Rules and Requirements for Babies, Infants, and Newborn Passport and Visa Photos

Children need to hold their own passports and visas when traveling. That is why you will need pictures for them too. Taking your child’s passport photo is not that different from taking the passport photo of an adult. The only difference is that since a child’s head is smaller, it can take less space in the picture. Here are a few tips for you:

  • Photographing a newborn may be easier if you lay him/her on his/her back and take the photo from above. But if you decide to proceed as such, remember to put a white sheet underneath the baby. That way, the background of the photo is white.
  • Some people put their small children in a car seat for the photo session. If you want to do that, you have to cover the backrest of the chair with a white layer to ensure a white background.
  • While it may seem simpler, you cannot photograph your small child when he/she is asleep. The eyes must be visible.
  • You have to remove your child’s headwear, as well as any other object, from the shot. We are talking here about pacifiers and toys.
  • Your child has to appear in his/her passport photo or visa photo alone. Not even your hands can appear in the shot.

Price and Cost

The cost of getting your passport photos or visa photos online with iVisa is incredibly low. For a Venezuela passport, you need 2 pictures. With iVisa Photos, you will spend only $5.99 on them, or 1,178,763 VES.

How to get Venezuela Passport Photos or Venezuela Visa Photos Online?

The process of getting your passport photos or visa photos online with iVisa Photos could not be simpler. All you need is a decent camera and the right setting. Remember the rules about the background and lighting.

When you take your photo, make sure to consider all the rules we discussed above. After you have one picture that you like, you have to submit to iVisa Photos so that we can make sure that your photo is 100% government compliant. After that, you get two choices:

  • 1.Download the processed image to print your own passport photo.
  • 2.Give us your address so that we can send you the pictures.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact iVisa Photos’ customer support service.