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Venezuela Travel Guide: All you need to know to visit Venezuela in 2022

Welcome to Venezuela

Venezuela is a country that will surprise you with its beautiful landscapes, from its soft white beaches to its majestic mountains with magnificent waterfalls. A country with a lot to offer, from magical nature to its vibrant cities, such as the capital, Caracas.

We have the ultimate Venezuela travel guide so you can discover what Venezuela has for you. This will inspire you to explore and learn more about this wonderful country.

COVID restrictions in Venezuela

Document checklist for Venezuela

  • Visa

  • Health Declaration

  • Valid passport

  • Sufficient funds

  • Return airline ticket

Essential Venezuela travel information

  • Currency - Venezuelan bolívar (VED). USD 1 is equivalent to approx. VED 8,65.

  • Daily budget for 1 person - You can spend around VED 375 (USD 43,34) per day.

  • Languages - Spanish is the official language, but there are 26 regional languages.

  • Socket type - For Venezuela there are two associated plug types, types A and B. Venezuela operates on a 120V supply voltage and 60Hz.

  • Time zone - Time zone in Venezuela is (GMT -04:00).

  • Top 3 cities to visit - Caracas, Porlamar and Coro.

  • Top 3 landmarks/monuments - Angel Falls, Los Roques Archipelago and Canaima National Park.

Visa information for Venezuela

You might need a Venezuela tourist visa if you want to visit Venezuela for tourism, recreation, health, or non-profit activities, depending on your nationality. The Venezuela tourist visa allows you to stay in this country for a period of up to 90 days.

We recommend you check our Visa Tracker Tool to know for sure which documents you need to travel to Venezuela.

You should, for instance, have the Venezuela Health Pass. This is mandatory to travel to Venezuela.

Venezuela Health Pass explained

The Venezuela Health Pass is a document that is mandatory for all travelers, issued by the Venezuelan government to control the spread of the Covid 19. This has a validity of 30 days after arrival with a Single Entry.

Typical costs and budget for Venezuela

Here you will know the typical costs of traveling in Venezuela. So prepare your budget and all your energy for this adventure.

Daily spending per person - Per one person, the daily budget is around VED 375 (USD 43,34).

  • Meals - For meals per day the budget is around VED 141 (USD 16,30).

  • Transport - Local transportation can be around VED 45 (USD 5,20).

  • Hotel - A one person room is 189 VED (USD 21,84), and around 378 (USD 43,69) for a couple.

A vacation to Venezuela for one week usually costs around VED 2,625 for one person. Consequently, a two-person trip to Venezuela costs around VED 5,250 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs VED 10,499 in Venezuela.

Transport and ways to travel around Venezuela

To travel around Venezuela, the best thing to do is to have safe transport arrangements when you arrive. For this reason, we give you the best methods of transport to move in this country.

  • Taxis

Upon arrival at the international airport, we recommend you take a taxi to get to your accommodation. Before taking the trip, ask how much the trip will cost.

  • Buses

This is the most common mode of transport used by the natives. You can take a bus to travel within the city in which you are, like the locals do, or to travel to other cities or popular areas of Venezuela. It is not too expensive, and the service is divided into Express, Executive, and Luxury buses.

  • Tours

For peace of mind on your trip, you can organize your travel route in Venezuela. You could pay for transport, a hotel, and a complete tour to discover this country's most exciting destinations.

Safety in Venezuela

It is crucial to keep in mind that Venezuela, due to its economic and social crisis, is a place where you have to be very careful when traveling because it has high levels of serious crimes, such as armed robbery, and other situations that can put you in danger. For this reason, when planning your trip, keep the following recommendations in mind to be safe.

  • Pickpockets are mainly in buses and metro stations, so always be attentive to your belongings.

  • Beware of violent crimes and kidnappings. Always be careful, visit the most frequented and popular places in Venezuela, and if you can travel with trusted locals that would be much better, that way you can have a quiet experience.

  • Get travel insurance if you are sick or need emergency medical assistance. That way you can be sure that they will serve you in the fastest and most appropriate way.

  • If you are lost or need help, don't hesitate to ask the local authorities. You will find them at national guard checkpoints and military or strategic installations.

  • Be informed of what is happening in Venezuela. Read the local media reports.

  • Always have with you the number of consular services, in case you need emergency assistance.

  • Take care of your travel documents when you are moving around Venezuela.

We hope with this travel advice and relevant travel details you will have a safe and amazing trip.

Weather in Venezuela

The best time of year to travel to Venezuela is during the dry season which is from November to April. You will find a warm climate, a few spots of rain, and sunny days to enjoy.

The weather of Venezuela is warm and tropical in most of the country. Remember that if you are in the Andes or nearby, the climate can be colder.

Popular cities and towns in Venezuela

Next, you will find the most beautiful cities and places not to be missed during your trip to Venezuela.

  • Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, a metropolitan city full of life and color. It has a lot of history, art, and culture that you will surely enjoy.

  • Porlamar is located on Margarita Island in the Caribbean Sea. It is known for its pearl industry. Its coasts are magnificent for sunbathing and enjoying the white beaches, a paradise in the Caribbean.

  • Coro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its architecture is wonderful, as it dates from Spanish colonial times. Its colors are bright, and its details are in an Andalusian Spanish style.

  • Mérida is one of the major cities and is placed on a mountain more than 5,000 feet above sea level. A perfect place for hiking and climbing in the Andes.

  • Carupano is a city with unique coastal places and great beaches to enjoy. Carupano was important for the cocoa industry as it was an export place for this delicious food.

Must do and see in Venezuela

When you travel to Venezuela, you must explore these places:

  • Angel Falls - The highest waterfall in the world and the most amazing waterfall in South America, it’s 979 m high (3,212 ft). The best time to visit this natural wonder is in the rainy season between May and November, since you can observe the abundance of water when it falls.

  • Los Roques Archipelago - It is a magnificent place to enjoy the sun, turquoise beaches, coral reefs, and the fishing village Gran Roque, a place of colorful houses that will make you feel at peace.

  • Canaima National Park - It has more than three million hectares of land and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see Angel Falls; however, it is not the only thing that will surprise you. It is an incredible place to enjoy the natural environment and many waterfalls, to take a bath, and to have fun.

  • Margarita Island - It is one of Venezuela's most popular and developed destinations. It has excellent beaches to enjoy with friends or family. In addition, its main island is Porlamar, where you can find an active, vibrant life.

  • Mount Roraima - It is an attraction for nature lovers and those who want adventure. Roraima is an island in the sky with rock formations, waterfalls, and carnivorous plants.

Typical Venezuelan food to try

One of the most pleasant things about traveling to this country is testing the traditional dishes that Venezuela has to delight you. Here we will mention three that you must try.

  • Ham Bread - It is a typical recipe that is only prepared in December for Christmas dinner. It has slices of olives, raisins and ham. It’s rolled up and then it's ready to bake.

  • Arepas - This is a trendy dish in Venezuela, but it is still debated whether its origin is from Colombia or Venezuela. However, leaving this aside, you should try this delicious gastronomic dish. It is composed of flour dough full of meat, chicken, vegetables, or cheese. You can prepare it to your liking.

  • Hallaca - It is one of Venezuela's most traditional and emblematic dishes. It comprises a stew of beef, olives, and pickled capers.

Vaccine information for Venezuela

It’s essential that you know everything Covid 19 related or about other vaccines, such as yellow fever, when you travel to Venezuela. Please check all this on the CDC website, where you will find all about it and the medical facilities you need.

Venezuela used to be the wealthiest country in South America

Venezuela was the wealthiest country in South America and even had thousands of foreigners living in the country with its stable economy. However, in the last decade, all of this changed due to corruption and government policies that led to Venezuela's economic and social collapse, which resulted in many Venezuelans migrating to other countries for better opportunities.

Fun facts about Venezuela

  • Venezuela is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Although its economy has struggled a lot in recent years, Venezuela still belongs to the Organisation of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC).

  • Venezuela has diverse wildlife. With more than 350 species of mammals, 340 species of reptiles, and 1,400 species of birds, this country represents a remarkable ecological diversity. Besides, almost 2,000 marine species can be found in its waters.

  • For Venezuelans, family is at the center of their lives. You will see family reunions most of the time. They do not need special dates to carry out these encounters.

  • Juan Guaidó is the legitimate acting President of Venezuela. Recognized by around 50 countries. If you are interested in politics, Venezuela is an interesting place to analyze.

  • Beauty is a big business in Venezuela. Venezuela has won seven Miss Universe titles, becoming the country with the most crowns; so don’t be surprised by the Venezuelan beauty.

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