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Passport Photo Glasses

Passport Photo Glasses
iVisa | Updated on Jan 28, 2023

Traveling overseas? You’re going to need a passport! Besides an airline ticket, a passport is your true ticket to paradise. Without one, you’re simply a sitting duck in the middle of a stagnant lake. Aside from gathering up birth certificates and driver licenses, there is one item which must accompany every passport application: a photo. It can be easy to forget and even easier to assume any picture will do. No matter where you live on this planet, requirements governing passport photos are almost universal, with a few minor tweaks.

When preparing to take your photo at home with a smartphone, instead of wasting away at a post office, you may be wondering about passport photo glasses. If you don’t wear any glasses then you’re lucky. But for the rest of us who see the world through lenses, you may ask yourself if you should take the passport photo with glasses or without. Basic guideline to follow up with this question is as long as your eyes are clearly visible, then yes, wear glasses. Fully visible means they are wide open and are not obstructed in any way.

Can I wear glasses in passport photos?

Yes, certain nationalities can wear glasses in a passport photo although most can not. It is best to check your country's passport requirements and regulations to determine if its acceptable to wear lenses or not.

Here are a few tips to get you on the right path for countries that allow lenses:

  • If your frames are too thick or go all the way around your eyes, chances are eyeballs will be blocked. Colored frames can also be a distraction. Avoid these.
  • Glare on the lenses. Perhaps your head was tilted in such a way in which the ceiling light is being reflected on your lens or the flash from a camera made its presence known. Either way, any glare what so ever should not be seen. Be on the lookout. If this occurs, take the picture again as ANY photo alterations are never allowed.
  • Sunglasses or tinted ‘transition lenses’ are not permitted no matter where you are from. The key to any passport photo is to have your eyes completely visible. Sunglasses defeat that purpose.
  • Position. Should passport photo glasses on or off is up to you, however, should you wear them and apply the above rules, make sure your glasses are not at the bottom of your nose. Glasses should be worn at the top and positioned so eyes can easily be seen.

While country’s always suggest the above rules, if you have any doubts about glasses, just take them off. It’s better to get an acceptance than a letter of rejection. At iVisa Photos we can assist in making sure your photo is government compliant, however, we cannot adjust your glasses should your eyes be blocked. Best way is to use our passport photo booth and take a few images both wearing glasses and not. Chose whichever one gives a better and more accurate representation of yourself. Once you have decided, submit it to us and we will take a look. If for some reason we believe it won’t be accepted, we will make sure you are made aware before submitting. Glasses are tricky but not too complicated. Just remember, the faster you get an OK from the government, the quicker you can escape and vacate life for a while.

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