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ETIAS Romania: Requirements, How to Apply & More

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The ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) is an electronic travel authorization required for all travelers who want to visit the Schengen Zone and who are allowed to enter without a visa. The ETIAS is part of a completely electronic system that enables officials to better monitor travel within the Schengen area. The ETIAS is valid for three years or until the expiration of the holder’s passport.

All citizens of the 62 countries who are able to enter visa-free into the Schengen Zone will be obliged to obtain ETIAS authorization before entering any country in this zone.

To get your ETIAS, you’ll need to fill out our short online application and provide personal information, number of passport or other travel document, and name of the first Schengen Zone member state you will enter.

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your travel authorization by email. We recommend saving both an electronic and hard copy to show to airport officials prior to boarding.

See the FAQS below for information regarding coronavirus rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Romania is a country located in eastern Europe and in terms of its area; it is the 9th largest country in Europe. People visit this country for its dramatic organ music and for Dracula. The country’s vampire reputation is what it is really famous for. But Romania has more to offer than Dracula and stories of menacing wolves. It is home to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains which stretch as far as eyes can see, and the towns and villages of the country look like they have been lost in time and ripped from storybooks. It is far more beautiful than you can imagine. Romania gets really hot in mid-summer. So in order to really enjoy your trip, you might want to visit the country in either spring or autumn. It is the perfect time to be outdoors and enjoy roaming through Romania. The summers get really humid and that might make you want to stay in your hotel room. The country’s tourism numbers have been increasing in recent times but this gem still remains undiscovered by many. To learn about the Romania ETIAS and travel documents needed to visit Romania, visit iVisa.com today.

Start your journey in Romania by visiting Brasov, which is located in Transylvania. It is the launching pad for trips to “Dracula’s Castle.” You will also enjoy hiking around and can also explore a beautiful historic center and charming medieval streets. Visit Sighișoara, which is the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler who is said to have inspired the character of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In Sighișoara, you can explore its Venetian House, the 14th-century clock tower, and every church that falls in between. Dracula may not be alive but there are plenty of castles in Transylvania that you can visit to imagine the old count living with his flapping bats. Next visit Bucharest, the capital of the country. It boasts of a mix of old buildings and communist concrete blocks. You can check out plenty of museums, cemeteries, historical sites, shopping centers, and architectural sites here. Visit Sibiu and you will feel like you are walking back into the middle ages. You will be amazed at its medieval charm, excellent landscapes, food, and lots of greenery. We suggest you don’t miss visiting the Brukenthal Museum or the Citadel. Visit the painted monasteries in Bucovina. The walls of these monasteries are painted with elaborate 15th and 16th-century frescoes, featuring saints, prophets, and scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, angels, demons, and other religious scenes. They are the masterpiece of Byzantine art and a pilgrimage destination for Romanian Orthodox believers.

Romania has a very deep and diverse religious history and the best way to experience it is by visiting the wooden churches in Maramures. Some of them are even UNESCO protected. Discover the oldest city in the country by visiting Sarmizegetusa Regia. Stepping here will take you back in time thousands of years. If you are interested in European history, this might be just the right place for you. The last great steam train in Europe to pass through a mountain can be found in Romania. If you’re planning to visit Romania in winter, this is a great reason to do so as the mountains will be covered in a blanket of snow. The train journey is the most magical and romantic thing that you can experience in the whole country. In case you’re planning on taking this trip with your love, we suggest you go for it. See the natural sphinx of the Bucegi Mountains. This rock is completely untouched by human hands and yet looks a lot like the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt. It is a very cool place to visit. Visit the world’s happiest cemetery in the world by going to Sapanta. You think that we are joking, right? In Sapanta, there is a cemetery that is full of cartoony graves that celebrate the lives of those buried there and you will find funny stories and poems on their gravestones. Visit the cemetery to see it for yourself..

The food in Romania is very meat-based so the vegans out there should take this as a warning. But even if you don’t eat meat, there is still a lot of food that you can try out. If you’re a meat-eater, you can come to Romania for just its food and nothing else. When in Romania, you should try out some of the local food items namely mici, which is a staple food at every Romanian’s barbeque. These are caseless sausages made from grilled ground meat and various kinds of spices. Mici is served with mustard and bread and is absolutely delicious. Try balmos, which is a pie made by local shepherds centuries ago. It has cheese and sour cream and is salty, buttery, and delicious. Try jumari, which is a wintertime snack made by frying bacon with a lump of garlic and other spices. If you have a sweet tooth, try papanasi. These are yummy doughnuts made from fried cheese, covered in sweet and sour cream and blueberry jam. They are popular around the country as they are a traditional dessert in northern Romania. If you want to go shopping in the country, you will find at least one shopping mall in each city.

Romania, although a European Union country, is not a Schengen country yet it will soon be. To enter this country or any other Schengen country, travelers traveling from a visa-free country will require an ETIAS, which is a new travel document required to travel to any Schengen or European Union country. This rule has been made by the European Union to stop illegal immigrants as the rate of terrorism and crime rate is growing in Europe. The Romania ETIAS is currently not operational and is expected to be in force only from early 2022. Once operational, the application form for the Romania ETIAS will be online-based and won’t take a long time to fill in. To know more about the Romania ETIAS, visit us today at iVisa.com. We will guide you through the whole Romania ETIAS process step by step and make it convenient for you. Our aim at iVisa.com is to provide you with the most relaxed and user-friendly experience. If you have any further queries, contact us any time of the day as we are available around the clock to help you. You can put your trust in us and we will not let you down. You may also read the reviews of our clients on our page.

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