Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel
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As a traveler from Israel, you need to confirm whether you need a visa to enter Rwanda or not. can provide all the answers about this. Nowadays, you can acquire a Rwanda visa through a digital process, and has the perfect service for this matter! Check more details about the Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel with us.

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The Rwanda visa is available for tourism and provides a maximum stay of 30 days in Rwanda. We have explained all about the Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel in the following lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rwanda Visa?

The Rwanda visa is the official document you need for smooth entry to Rwanda. If you’re traveling for tourism reasons, then this is the visa you need.

The electronic visa is only accepted on these entry points in Rwanda: Kigali International Airport, Kagitumba, Buziba, Gatuna, Cyanika, Kabuhanga, Poids Lourds, La Corniche, Kamembe International Airport, Ruzizi I, Ruzizi II, Bugarama, Ruhwa, Bweyeye, Nshili, Kanyaru Bas, Kanyaru Haut, Nemba and Rusumo.

We have all the information about the Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel. Keep checking!

What is the validity of the travel document?

The Rwanda visa has a maximum validity of 30 days after arrival from the entry date. Also, it allows a Single Entry to Rwanda.

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What are the requirements?

Before starting the digital process, you should have these items:

  • Valid Passport - We will request a scan of the details page.
  • Application Letter - If applicable.
  • Applicant photo - If applicable.
  • Email address - We will send all the details electronically.
  • Payment method - Pay with a credit or debit card.

Let us tell you more about the Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel.

What are the processing times and fees?

  • Standard Processing option - The cheapest option when you have plenty of time to wait for your document. USD $114.99 - 7 Business Days
  • Rush Processing option - Pay a higher fee, and our team will work faster on your travel requirement. USD $169.99 - 2 Business Days
  • Super Rush Processing option - The travel document will arrive right away if you pay the premium fee. USD $235.99 - 1 Business Day

How can I apply?

Respond to the questions in the online form and choose a processing time (Standard, Rush, or Super Rush). Check your information and correct any mistakes. Pay for the service with a credit or debit card. Upload the required documentation, if applicable.

Expect an email from us with the Rwanda visa. Once you arrive in Rwanda, you need to show it to airport officers. We’re sure you will have no issues entering Rwanda.

Our experts can explain the process to get your Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel.

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100%! We have established the highest security standards for all our procedures, which means your travel document and information is safe with us.

Do you have any doubts? Let our team solve them!

Where could I find more information?

Communicate with our customer service agents. We’re available day and night for any questions you may have about the Rwanda visa for the citizens of Israel. Recommends

Visit Akagera National Park and enjoy the famous game drives. Located only two hours away from Kigali, the park offers the best safari activities in Rwanda. The reserve spans over 1,000 square kilometers, and it offers impressive views of the Big Five animals. Also, you could be in luck and see a lion or rhino, which are still in danger in the country. You can easily spot zebras, hippos, crocodiles, and elephants.

Continue with Lake Kivu, Rwanda’s largest lake. The oasis is surrounded by spectacular mountains and extends over 2,000 square kilometers. Check Rubavu, a resort town with options for all budgets. We know you will enjoy the sandy beach and pristine waters. Take a sunset kayak trip or try the multi-day paddling adventures.

Visit the Ethnographic Museum, which gathers one of the best collections of archaeological and ethnological pieces. Located in Huye, 130 kilometers from Kigali, the museum offers seven galleries. You can see how Rwanda and its people have evolved from the pre-colonial periods throughout the artifacts displayed. Check the traditional garments, woven baskets, musical drums, among other pieces.

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