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Ukraine is one of the 15 countries whose citizens are entitled to get a Singapore eVisa. Because of this, rather than visiting the closest embassy and apply for a consular visa, you may use the services provided by iVisa and apply online. The application is convenient, short, and you are able to do it in the comfort of your house.

We invite you to continue reading this article to know what are the requirements and useful tips for the Singapore eVisa.

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Ukraine citizens required a visa to travel to Singapore?

Yes, you really do require one because your nationality is one of those 15 countries that need a Singapore eVisa.

What is a Singapore eVisa?

It is an official document that lets you go into the country as any other type of visa, but utilizing an electronic system, that is a whole lot easier to get.

How long can Ukrainians stay in Singapore with an eVisa?

Together with your Ukraine passport, you can stay in Singapore for 15 days Per Entry.

What documents are required for Ukrainian citizens?

Since we do the majority of the task for you, it does not mean that you don't have to lift a finger. It is true that your campaign is minimal, however, you need to supply some advice and documents so we can process your visa. The list is lengthy, and odds are that you might have everything you need. You need to provide the following:

  • Passport all applicants should hold a valid passport which does not expire for a 6-months in the date of departure.

  • Digital photo the picture needs to be obtained from the past 3 months and meet all the guidelines to find a passport photograph.

  • Valid email address iVisa will send you the visa via email in PDF format. Don't forget to print out it. Preferably in copies.

  • Means of online payment the payment needs to be made throughout the application process, which explains the reason why you need a card. If you use PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat, then we'll accept those too. Whichever you find appropriate.

  • Return ticket you'll be asked to present it once you arrive at Singapore. The immigration officers require to be sure you will leave prior to your visa expires.

Can I apply for the Singapore eVisa together with your services?

Certainly, yes! We supply a service to provide visas, and we have been doing it for quite a very long moment.

Which are the processing times?

The selection will define the total cost of your eVisa. Here are your choices:

  • Standard processing (8 days) - USD 135.99.

  • Rush processing (5 days) - USD 182.99.

  • Super Rush processing (3 days) - USD 214.99.

What is the application form for Ukraine Citizens who plan to go to Singapore?

Once you gather all the things above mentioned, you are able to move on and fill in the application form. It's nothing hard, and it should not take you too much time. Nevertheless, if you require help with the form, we supply an outstanding service. You can call us 24/7 at no price.

The application form has 3 steps:

  1. Measure number one is all about your personal info. You need to provide your name, address, date of birth, etc. Choose on processing time and then go to the next step.

  2. The following step is about payment and revision. You have to be careful. A typo can make your Singapore visa invalid. Make sure that is 100% true, and double-check the spelling.

  3. The next step is about document upload. iVisa allows you to know exactly what you require to upload. Once you're finished, you just need to submit your application.

It's not tough to obtain a Singapore eVisa for the citizens of Ukraine, because we manage all the bureaucracy which you wouldn't have to pass through.

What do I do once I complete the application for my Singapore eVisa?

Once you finish the application process, you'll get the eVisa via email. You do not need to handle any embassy as you can see. So in order to conserve your time, we do all for you.

How often can I utilize the Singapore eVisa?

You can use the Singapore eVisa as many times as you want because this document allows you to enter multiple times to the country.

How can I know when my Singapore eVisa is approved?

You'll be advised by us. Just be sure that you provided a valid email address in the application form because we will send you the eVisa by an email message.

Is it possible to apply for my relatives?

Yes, you can apply for them, however, they need to be from Ukraine or from some other country that qualified for this eVisa. Remember to have all of their required documents.

Also, remember that in case you're are applying for only one friend or relative, you can do it here presenting their personal info. Another option is clicking in ''add applicant''. This last one works for applications of more than one person.

I have more doubts and questions, where can I find more info about Singapore?

If you still have questions and certain doubts about Singapore eVisa, then you can contact our customer center here, or simply enter the Singapore eVisa page to test other FAQs that could work for your own travel.

Don't waste time going to an Embassy, because you do not need it! Begin your journey by applying to your Singapore eVisa with us. We make it easy to apply for and to receive your visa quickly. Feel free to contact us!

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