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Tajikistan visa on arrival

Tajikistan visa on arrival
iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2019

Depending on your nationality, you can cross the borders of Tajikistan with a consular visa (for visa-required nationalities,) with an [electronic visa] (for eligible nationalities,) but you can also get a Tajikistan visa on arrival if you qualify for it. 71 nationalities are eligible for a Tajikistan visa on arrival, and if you are one of them, you can just board a plane to Tajikistan and get your visa there.

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To get a Tajikistan visa on arrival, you are required to land at the Dushanbe International Airport in Tajikistan. Once you get off the plane, head to one of the windows that release visas on arrival to get yours. All you need is a passport, and you are not required to have passport photos. Your picture will be found in the database and attached to your visa. The process should not take more than 10 minutes, but if there is a long line, you do not have another choice but to wait for your turn at the counter. The cost of a Tajikistan visa on arrival is $40, and you can only pay cash using the USD currency.

What is the alternative?

If you want to avoid standing in line at the service counter in Tajikistan, you may also have the option to apply for a Tajikistan e-visa. Unfortunately, not all nationalities that qualify for a visa on arrival are eligible for an electronic visa as well, but you can easily check to see where you stand. You can use iVisa’s Visa Checker to see if you qualify for an electronic visa. Just select your nationality from the drag-down menu and add Tajikistan as your destination. You will have the information you need in just a second. If you are eligible, iVisa can help you apply.

The requirements for a Tajikistan e-visa are pretty much the same. You need to have a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months. However, you need to scan it and send it to iVisa during the application process. You also need an email address and a valid means of payment.

As for the cost of a Tajikistan electronic visa, it depends on the processing time you select. iVisa gives you three options:

  • Standard – your application is processed within just 1 business day, and the fee is $70.

  • Rush – you will receive a copy of your electronic visa within 2 hours, and the cost is $100.

  • Super Rush – the processing lasts only 15 minutes, but you will be charged $120.

If you want access to the Gorno-Badakhshan region, you need to apply for a GBAO VISA, which costs $20 more for each processing time.

The best thing about applying with iVisa is that the process is fast. You can have your document in as little as 15 minutes, and that is without standing in any line. You can apply day or night - and if you need help, iVisa provides a support service that is available 24/7.

While a Tajikistan visa on arrival is available and you can get one at the Dushanbe International Airport, if you are eligible for a Tajikistan e-visa, we recommend that you apply online. That way you do not have to stand in line, and you can be done with the required documentation before your trip. Use your vacation time for fun and relaxation, not standing in line at a service counter inside the airport.

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