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**Content updated, September 2022

Explore Tajikistan with an eVisa!

Since January 2016, you can apply for a Tajikistan tourist visa. This eVisa allows travelers that want to visit the country for tourism purposes to complete an electronic application and receive the tourist visa online. So, there's no need to deal with long lines at consulates or the border.

What is the Tajikistan eVisa?

The Tajikistan eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that nationals from more than 100 countries can obtain through an online application process. You can easily apply for your Tajikistan visa with iVisa. Fill in the form, and we take care of your Tajikistan visa application.

In this article, you'll learn how to get your single entry eVisa Tajikistan and more about Tajikistan's Visa Policy, processing times, costs, and document requirements.

What type of visa is the Tajikistan eVisa?

This is a tourist visa type, and it enables travelers to access the Asian nation as any paper visa will do. However, you can get it through an efficient and fast online application process that reduces time and effort since you won't have to do the process with the Tajikistan embassy or consulate.

Click here to apply online for your Tajikistan electronic visa.

If you are planning to travel for business or study, any purpose other than tourism, then you may need to apply for another type of visa like a Tajikistan business visa, you can contact any Tajikistan consulate or embassy nearby Below, you'll have access to more information about Tajikistan visa requirements.

Which nationalities can apply for the Tajikistan eVisa?

There are over 100 nationalities that can apply for the online visa.

Travelers planning to spend more than 30 days in the country should obtain a tourist e-visa online or a T-visa from the Tajik Embassy to the United States (only applicable to US citizens).

Right now, all countries can currently travel to Tajikistan since there are no restrictions or bans for any nationalities.

How much time can I stay in Tajikistan with the eVisa?

The Tajikistan e-Visa is a single entry visa, so you can enter only once in the country. The visa online is valid for 90 days after being issued. You can enter the country on any date within this period.

However, the visa holder can stay in the country for no more than 60 days in total. Your stay in Tajikistan cannot be extended.

If you overstay in the country with this visa, you might be asked to pay fines, be deported, or be banned from future trips to Tajikistan for a specific period.

Click here and read about the policies for each nationality in reference to visa eligibility and validity.

What Is Tajikistan's Electronic Visa Policy?

The Tajikistan visa policy is all about the requirements a foreign traveler will need to access the Asian country. It also states the exempted nationalities that can travel to Tajikistan without a visa and the sort of travel documents others will require to do the same.

First, the kind of travel document you will require to enter Tajikistan depends on many circumstances, such as your trip's intentions, length of your stay, and nationality.

What are the requirements to apply for the Tajikistan eVisa?

For a tourist visa, the minimum requirements are:

  • Passport scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

Failing to renew your passport can lead to a denied visa application, which translates into wasted time and money. iVisa will not refund the cost if you do not follow these rules.

The passport scan must follow the formats: PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, or PNG. Read more about the Tajikistan Passport Photo Size Requirements.

It is important to remark that you can apply for a Tajikistan eVisa for different purposes, such as tourism and business. However, for the business visa, you will have to send additional documentation supporting your trip and apply via an embassy or consulate.

Do I need an eVisa if I'm transiting through Tajikistan?

For transit, you do not require an electronic visa, since no permissions are required for transit flights. But consider that if you want to leave the airport transit area to visit the city, then you will need to present the visa.

What is the application process to get the Tajikistan Electronic Visa?

The Tajikistan application process is broken down into a few simple steps. iVisa can help you with this, and you can obtain the document in as little as 15 minutes. See how you can apply online:

  • Step 1: Provide basic information, such as your name, valid passport, address, phone number, email address, and so on. At this point, you are also required to select the processing time of your Tajikistan eVisa application form.

  • Step 2: The second step is a revision of what you have filled out so far and make the payment. You can use a credit or debit card to pay the visa and service fees.

  • Step 3: Finally, upload any documents required. Once done, you can hit the submit button and wait for your Tajikistan e-Visa to arrive via email in the selected time frame.

What are the processing times and prices for the Tajikistan electronic visa online?

As for the cost of a Tajikistan eVisa, it depends on the processing time you select. iVisa gives you three options:

  • Standard processing6 Business Days, and the price is USD $123.99, including fees.

  • Rush processing4 Business Days, and the cost is USD $201.99.

  • Super Rush processing2 Business Days, but you will be charged USD $295.99.

The other factor that affects the price of this document is the visa type. The fees for the regular tourist visa are listed above, but if you want to visit the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, you need another kind of visa, the GBAO e-visa. At the same time, you can still enjoy the same options when it comes to processing times.

Can I travel with minors?

Yes. If you want to travel with minors, you must also make an eVisa application for them. It's required that each traveler, even a minor, applies for Tajikistan's electronic visa.

COVID-19: Tajikistan requirements or restrictions

Tajikistan has reopened for tourism and retired restrictions to travel to Tajikistan.

There are no Vaccination, Testing, or Quarantine requirements.

Types of visas and the differences between each eVisa, Visa on Arrival, and GBAO Permit

The Tajikistan e-Visa is the easiest way to apply online for a visa to travel to the country. But, if you don't mind spending time waiting in the airport, some nationalities are able to get a visa on arrival.

A visa is a mandatory document to visit Tajikistan, but there is an autonomous region inside the territory that requires another special visa: Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO). Keep reading to know more about these documents.

The Tajikistan visa on arrival

There are 25 nationalities eligible for a Tajikistan visa on arrival. Those who can just board a plane to Tajikistan and get their visa there. However, this visa is only available at Dushanbe International Airport in Tajikistan.

All the passenger needs is a passport. It has a small fee of only USD 40. Most of the time, the traveler has to wait in a long line to get it. That's why the option to apply online for a Tajikistan eVisa on iVisa.com is more convenient, and you can save a lot of time.

The Tajikistan eVisa GBAO (GBAO permit)

The Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province is an autonomous region in Tajikistan, corresponding to 45% of its land. Based on the Tajikistan visa policy, travelers need a special GBAO permit to visit it. So for this matter, you can apply for an eVisa along with this special permit.

The fee for the Tajikistan eVisa GBAO will have a higher price, but you will be able to access the entire GBAO, except for Lake Sarez, which requires another special permit.

Click here to apply to the Tajikistan eVisa GBAO.

Who can I speak to if I have more questions?

If you have any questions about traveling to Tajikistan, the iVisa.com team is available to help you. You can contact our customer support team at any time or via email at [email protected]..

Required Documents to Apply


  • Passport scan
  • Last Page of Passport (if applicable)

Important Instructions

  • Your ordinary passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date you intend to enter Tajikistan.

  • The electronic visa is valid for 90 days after issued. You can travel to Tajikistan on any date within this period, however, the visa holder can stay in the country for no more than 60 days in Total.

  • Your stay in Tajikistan cannot be extended.

  • This visa cannot be changed to a work visa while inside the Republic of Tajikistan, it is only granted for tourism purposes.

  • Your passport must have the same information as your issued visa when entering Tajikistan.

  • You do not have to get a visa if you are not going to leave the international transit area.

  • With this visa, you can enter the Republic of Tajikistan through all border points.

  • You can only apply for an e-Visa only if you are outside the territory of Tajikistan.

  • If you overstay in Tajikistan, you might be asked to pay fines, be deported, or be banned from future trips to this country for a specific period of time.

  • iVisa is a legitimate company, accredited and recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For more information, see the FAQs below.


You can contact us if you get an error while making the application. We have an excellent team of visa experts who will help you sort out whatever you need. They are just a click away.
Our visa experts team will help you increase your chances of success and will do everything possible to prevent this from happening. But if your Tajikistan eVisa is rejected, you must start the process from scratch.
Absolutely. Each traveler must have their own eVisa.
The validity period of your e-Visa starts from the date specified in your application. You can travel to Tajikistan at any time during this period. The eVisa is valid for 90 days after issued. However, the visa holder may stay in Tajikistan for up to 60 days in Total.

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