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Uganda visa types

Uganda visa types
iVisa | Updated on Aug 02, 2019

Planning a trip to Uganda, along with establishing an itinerary, also requires getting a visa. Every traveler, except for the ones that come from a visa-exempt country, need to apply for a visa. That can be achieved through many ways, and you can choose the one that is the most convenient for you. The most commonly requested visas are the Uganda Tourist Visa, the Uganda Transit visa, and the East Africa visa. You can obtain them at a Ugandan diplomatic mission in your country, or even better you can get whichever of them online.

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Uganda Tourist visa

This type of visa is the most commonly applied for. People who go to Uganda mostly do it as tourists, to see the Pearl of Africa. The visa is very easy to obtain. Generally, people apply online for a Uganda Tourist Visa, and it is easy to see why. The process is entirely online, and no trip to an embassy is required. You only need a valid passport, a passport-sized photo, and a vaccination certificate for Yellow fever.

As for what a Uganda Tourist visa entails, you can stay in Uganda for a maximum of 45 days Total, but you have the possibility of getting an extension if you apply for it at the Immigration Headquarters in Kampala or other regional offices. You can use the Uganda Tourist visa for a Single Entry. When it comes to fees, you will be charged depending on what processing time you choose. The Standard processing is USD 86.50, the Rush processing is USD 116.50, and the Super Rush Processing costs USD 151.50.

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Uganda Transit Visa

The Uganda Transit visa allows you to enter Uganda on your way to another country. The application form is the same as for the tourist visa. The requirements are about the same, except that you need something extra. Along with the requirements for the tourist visa, you also need a letter in which you declare the reason for transit and the country of destination.

This type of visa will also allow you to stay in Uganda for a maximum of 2 days Total, and you have a Single Entry. The fees are the same as for the Uganda Tourist Visa.

East Africa Visa

Last but not least, the East Africa visa will grant you access to three countries: Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. However, you need to be very careful because you can use this type of visa first in the country which issued it. For example, if the East Africa visa was issued by the Government of Uganda, you need to enter Uganda first, and the other two.

As for the requirements, you have the ones for the tourist visa, as well as an itinerary and a return flight ticket. The cost is a bit higher for this visa too. The Standard processing is USD 148.00, the Rush processing is USD 178.00, and the Super Rush Processing costs USD 213.00. The visa ensures a maximum 90 days Total stay, but unlike the other two Uganda visa types, this one allows Multiple Entry.

The conclusion is that you have three Uganda visa types, and you must apply for the one that suits your needs. While you can get these visas at a diplomatic mission, we recommend that you apply for a Uganda e-visa online. iVisa, the visa expediting company, will make things very easy for you so that you can enjoy a hassle-free visa application process.

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