Uganda E-Visa for Brunei Darussalam Citizens and East Africa Visa
iVisa | Updated on Jul 03, 2019

If you’re thinking of visiting Uganda the next time you travel from Brunei Darussalam, remember that you’ll need a visa if you want to enter the country. Without one, you can still catch a connecting flight, but you’ll miss out on a lot of beautiful sights.

Fortunately, the Republic of Uganda has been issuing E-Visas since June of 2016. You no longer need to go to an embassy or consulate, along with all of the other hassles you might associate with getting a visa.

Instead, you can apply for a Uganda E-Visa using our secure application form. After a short verification process, you’ll be ready for your trip from country to Uganda before you know it. Grab your Uganda E-Visa today.

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Types of Uganda E-Visas for Citizens of Brunei Darussalam

Before applying for a Uganda E-Visa, decide how much time you plan to spend in Uganda, and whether or not you want to visit other nearby countries while you’re there. There are three levels of E-Visa, so read on to decide which is right for you.

Transit E-Visa

The Transit E-Visa is a great choice if you are expecting a long layover in Uganda, or if you just don’t have that much time to spend relaxing. With this E-Visa, you’ll have up to three days to experience the sights before catching your next flight. If Uganda isn’t your primary destination, then get a Transit E-Visa right here today!

Tourist E-Visa

The Tourist E-Visa won’t let you work or study, but it’ll let you relax, visit people you know in Uganda, and do all the sightseeing you can do during your 45-day stay. With a Tourist E-Visa, citizens of Brunei Darussalam have one entry into Uganda, and 90 days to use it

Like the other E-Visas, the Tourist E-Visa is easily obtained through a simple and secure verification process. Get your Tourist E-Visa right here!

East Africa E-Visa

The East Africa E-Visa gives you an unparalleled travel experience, not only of Uganda, but of Rwanda and Kenya as well. With this E-Visa, you can enter Rwanda and Kenya as many times as you’d like during the 45 days of your trip to Uganda. Apply for an East Africa E-Visa today.

Don’t spend your time at the consulate or the embassy. Get your E-Visa instead, with a quick, easy, and secure E-Visa application. You’ll be on your way in no time.

For an even faster application process, have these documents ready before you apply:

  • A valid passport — Your passport needs to be current, and the expiration date should be at least six months away from the time you arrive in Uganda.
  • A recent passport photo — You’ll scan this and include it with your application.
  • Travel plans and a return ticket — Once you arrive, the Republic of Uganda will need to know why you’re traveling there and how long you plan to stay before departing.
  • Email address — This is where we’ll send your E-Visa once your information has been verified. Once you receive your E-Visa, you can use it once you arrive or print out a copy to keep with you.
  • Yellow fever vaccination — Not all countries require this, but it’s recommended that you get immunized against yellow fever before visiting Africa.
  • Payment method — You can pay for your E-Visa by using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. To save time, have your preferred method of payment ready before you check out.

You can always expect a safe, secure, and smooth E-Visa application process. We hope you enjoy your trip!

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