Uganda Visa for Andorra Citizens and East African Visa
iVisa | Updated on Jul 03, 2019

Are you thinking of making a trip to Uganda from Andorra? Unless you’re there for a connecting flight, you’ll need to get a visa before your stay. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to an embassy or consulate to get an E-Visa. Starting in 2016, the Republic of Uganda began issuing E-Visas, and they’re easily obtained by citizens of Andorra. This visa lets you leave the airport once you get to Uganda, and gives you full access to the beautiful sites of this country. Get your Uganda E-Visa now!

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Uganda E-Visas Available to Andorra Citizens

Depending on how long you plan to spend in Uganda, and whether you want to stay there or visit its neighboring countries, you can choose from three kinds of E-Visa: Transit E-Visas, Tourist E-Visas, or East Africa E-Visas.

Transit E-Visa

If you just want a few days in Uganda before you go to your next destination, or if you have a long layover in Uganda, you’ll be interested in the Transit E-Visa. With this E-Visa, citizens of Andorra can spend up to three days in Uganda.

Remember, you won’t be able to leave the airport without a visa of some kind. If you have a connecting flight in Uganda and you’re expecting a long layover, exploring the country with a Transit E-Visa is a great way to spend the time. Get your Transit E-Visa right here.

Tourist E-Visa

If you want to spend more than just a few days, though, you certainly can. With the Tourist E-Visa, you can’t work or study, but you can relax, visit people you know in Uganda, and do all the sightseeing you can do in 45 days. Tourist E-Visas allow Andorran citizens one entry into Uganda, which must be made within 90 days of arrival.

Like the Transit E-Visa, the Tourist E-Visa is easily obtained through a simple and secure verification process. Get a Tourist E-Visa here!

East Africa E-Visa

This is the ultimate travel package for Andorran tourists to Africa. With the East Africa E-Visa, you can not only visit Uganda for up to 45 days, but you can also visit Rwanda and Kenya as many times as you’d like during your stay. Apply for an East Africa E-Visa today!

Don’t waste time going to the consulate or embassy anymore. Grab your E-Visa today with our quick, easy, and secure E-Visa application. You’ll be enjoying the beauty of Uganda in no time at all!

For even faster verification, have these documents ready before you apply:

  • A valid passport — Your passport needs to be current, and the expiration date should be at least six months away from the time you arrive in Uganda.
  • A recent passport photo — You’ll scan this and include it with your application.
  • Travel plans and a return ticket — Once you arrive, the Republic of Uganda will need to know why you’re traveling there and how long you plan to stay before departing.
  • Email address — This is where we’ll send your E-Visa once your information has been verified. Once you receive your E-Visa, you can use it once you arrive or print out a copy to keep with you.
  • Yellow fever vaccination — Not all countries require this, but it’s recommended that you get immunized against yellow fever before visiting Africa.
  • Payment method — You can pay for your E-Visa by using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. To save time, have your preferred method of payment ready before you check out.

You can always trust us for a safe, secure, and smooth application process. We hope you enjoy your trip!

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